Faira, present day

"Quin, no. No, Quin." I wrestle against him to get back into the car, which, unsuprisingly, wasn't going so smooth for me. I was no match for his over-powering strength, if he chose to, he could just lift me over his shoulder and throw me into the car. But, kindly of him, he had yet to do so. "I am not going in there looking like this!"
 Quin's eyes travel the length of me, taking in the mud encrusted jeans, rolled up shirt and nest of hair. "You look fine." What a lie.
 "Fine?" I ask, waving my hands in disbelief. "I look like . . . like . . . dog mess!" I whisper, peering over his shoulder to make sure that no people are exiting the restaurant.
The walls are lined with trellaces holding wisteria and the windows framed with candle light. The door is hidden behind a curtain of hanging willow from a near tree, which an enchanting melody of classical music is carried through.
 "Don't you think it wouldn't be the least bit entertaining to see how people would react? You know this isn't how you usually look, nor do I." True. He did look just as much as a mess as me, but he had a gorgeously carved face with charming features and a thousand-watt smile, which probably made me look even worse. "It will be fun. I promise."
 I bow my head and sigh. I at least owe him the oppurtunity to eat at his desired location, after all, he was the one who took me out on the best date I could have hoped for, and who offered to pay for us to eat too. He'd treated me plenty more than I could have imagined, and if making myself look like a complete embarrassment in front of an entire restaurant full of higher-class customers was what I had to do to show him my appreaciation, then that's just what I would do. "Okay then. In we go," I say.
I take Quin's hand in mine and march toward the plant covered door, about to push through when he spins me from behind, spirals me around to face him and pushes his mouth to mine. His face lighting up and lifting into a smile when he says, "My gosh, Faira, I wasn't actually going to make you go in there like that. I'm  not even sure that they would let us into a place like this in our state."
 I grin a grin like the cheshire cat. "So where are we going then?"
 "Still here. But before we do, there's just a teeny-weeny pitstop we need to make."

"You can open your eyes now."
 I remove my hands from my face and glance around the large, vanilla painted room. The scent of various fragrances fills the air and lingers around the expensive clothing, lined up on racks and folded on shelves.
 "I don't understand," I say, glancing up to meet Quin's gaze. 
 "Choose anything you want to wear--my treat. The girls in the back will take care of your appearance, all you need to do is sit back and relax." 

The End

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