Faira, present day

"So did you have fun?"
I crawl through the front door, kicking my shoes to the stands, and falling effortlessly onto the sofa. "Fun?" I gasp for my breath and close my eyes, fun was an understatement to the day we spent together - definately worth missing the day off school for. "I had a blast!" I exclaim. "How is it that you had access to there? It must have been really expensive."
Quin's eyes shine with the smile which also pulls at his lips. He releases a low chuckle and strolls over to me. "A friend of mine. His dad owns the yard and he owed me a favour."
I peer an eye at him and grin. "Well, I had a great day. Thank you."
I rest my head on Quin's lap and he encircles an arm around me, runnning his fingers through my loose pony tail.
"Are you kidding? Horse riding across Moonrise Meadow? Unimaginable." I shake my head and sigh, allowing the intoxicating feeling of a day well spent wash through me. The horses had been beautiful. Their pearl coats glistening under the sunlight, their plaitted tails whipping back and forth as we transitioned into canter. The thudding of their heavy hooves still hung in my ears now. The day was better than anything I could have ever imagined, and to have spent it with Quin - I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.
My stomach unleashed a loud grumble, and my attention was suddenly to satisfying my dinner needs. "Would you like anything to eat?" I ask Quin, rising from the sofa and starting for the kitchen. But before I make it two feet away from him, I fall back, grasped by his warm hand on my wrist, as he catches me and holds me to his chest.
"Allow me," he says, pressing his lips lightly to mine. "What are you in the mood for?"
I thought of our options for a moment. We were low on food at the moment and shopping day wasn't until Thursday. Unless we wanted to eat bread and cheese we would have to think of something else. "Besides you." I smile. "I don't know. Food is pretty much nonexistant in this house."
Quin ran a hand across his stubbled chin. I couldn't help but stare at him. His raven hair - although messy from the ride - was still an attractive muddle, tousled and wavy. His eyes contrasted it greatly. Their forest tints emphasised beautifully against its darkness. His straight nose led me to his full lips; pink and tempting, the perfect match for mine. And with his white shirt and black jeans, he was the perfect replica from the Prince's I long ago dreamt of as a little girl.
"How about I take you out?"
I shift my weight to my elbows and look directly at him. "I can hardly expect you to that. Not after what you have already done for me today. Did I say thanks for that?"
He nods. "Yes, you did, and your welcome. But I didn't pay for the day - like I said, the guy owed me. Let me take you for dinner. Please?"
But before he gives me a chance to open my mouth, he is already up and pulling me from the plush cushions, leading me to the door as he says, "Ladies first."

The End

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