Quin, present day

Faira's eyes search mine, waiting patiently for my answer. I wasn't sure on what it was possible to tell her. Revealing too much of her past life may be of consequence to me. I didn't particulary like the idea of digging myself into a deeper hole with the Elders than I was already in.
My wings had been clipped, but that didn't mean that I still didn't have access into gaining information from those now higher than myself. I had been, what I guess you could say, one of the highest of status. It had taken me centuries to gain my authority and within a split second, a shorter time than it takes an eye lid to blink I was cast out. Fallen. Stripped from my power in the Angelical world and driven out to pursue a life on earth.
"Quin?" Faira asks again, raising her neat brows, taking a further step back and crossing her arms.  "Why is it that all this" - she points from herself to me - "seems like... well, not the first time?"
My lips part. Demanding, urging for me to just tell her. But my heart pounds against the idea. I didn't truly know what to expect if I revealed anything to her. I had already lost her in one life, I wasn't about to lose her in another.
"I can't say. Well at least not yet." The words rush out of my mouth, still desiring to say more. "Just trust me when I say that now is not the right time, please?"
She appears deep in thought for some moments, weighing out her options. I half expected her to just shake her head, apologise and leave the room. But when she returns her gorgeous eyes back to mine and nods, my heart leaps and I feel a great smile pull at my mouth.
"Come on." I take her hand and pull her out of the room with me, rushing down the corridor in such a rush we leave pupils fumbling for their fallen books.
"Where are we going?" She asks, panting for  breath as she tries to keep up with me. Her hand tugs on mine, pleading for me to just spill as I hold open the school doors and lead her to the car park.
"Any place other than here. Think of it as a surprise."

The End

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