Quin, present day

I couldn't bring myself to understand how I lost control. I had done so well over the past few months to handle myself within her proxemity. Sure, I had only just re-united with Faira today, but I had been there, watching her from the side lines for the best part of four months; ensuring that she came to no harm and that she was well.
And although I knew that it wasn't in fact my duty to keep her from harms grasp, I felt it necessary. Surely Oliver would be preoccupied; with all his jealousy -  it would be hard not to be. He was constantly planning on how to win her from me, and with his attention drawn away from Faira's well being, I couldn't help but think that I should step in. What was the harm in it after all?

I sigh and rev the engine on my bike. Taking one last look up to Faira's window and wishing that I could just go back in time. Go back to the fateful night that she was taken from this world and change everything. But I can't. I have to live in the here and now, and finish what had long ago been taken.

And that's when I see her face. Glowing, radiant, searching frantically out of her window, when her eyes fix on mine and I see it. Her face says it all - she knows. She understands who and what I am now. And although I am relieved, feeling as though a heavy burden has been taken from my shoulders. I fight the urge to barge through the door, burst into her room and hold her. Instead, I just pull down  my visor before stealing one last look at her and speed off onto the misty lanes, to where? I didn't know.

The End

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