Faira, present day

Quin tensed and stepped back. He grabbed his shirt and pulled it on. I watched confused. He leant forward and put a hand on the wall to stop him from falling further forward. He slowly takes calm, deep breaths. "Quin?" I question, jumping to my feet.

He turns his head to look at me before standing straight. "Car accident" he says. I immediatly know its a lie.

"They seem quite precise and fresh to be from a car accident" I say, tilting my head and narrowing my eyes. Quin looks away and begins moving towards the door. I watch shocked.

"I should go" he says simply. I don't stop him from leaving and as soon as he leaves I race upstairs. I fall onto my bed and bury my face in my covers. I slowly let my breathing settle down before sitting up.

What was that? Why does he have a scar on his back in that shape? I get up and move to my desk. I flip open my apple laptop and switch it on. I slump into my computer chair and tap my foot as it boots up. When it does I log in and click on the internet.

Then I go onto google and type 'upside down v scars'. The page fills with information on fallen angels. "What the hell?" I whisper feeling cold clench at my heart. This can't be real it can't.

The End

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