Faira, present day

My fingers eagerly trace over the toned muscles of Quin's chest, climbing higher, longing, knotting in the smoothness of his tousled hair. I could feel his smile as his lips searched mine, his arms encircling me, drawing me closer by the waist.
My hands move to lock around his neck, assisting me in trying to get as close to Quin as possible.
I push him to the wall, my kiss trailing down his jaw, his neck, fitting perfectly into the hollow of his collarbone as he grabs the backs of my thighs, lifting me onto the entry table to the right of us, and allow the wall to press me further against him.

It wasn't like me to allow something like this to happen. Heck, it would never happen. But the familiarity I found in the closeness we shared was something to hard to dismiss. And I couldn't help but hunger for his touch, to contiuously have his soft lips brush against my skin which longed for his.

I pull away from him, feeling the need to catch my breath, but not about to let the moment slip from my grasp. My fingers search for the hem of his shirt, my eyes raking across his sculpted body as I pull his top over his head and toss it to the ground.

His forest tinted eyes sweep over my face, making me bite my lips at the smile which pulls at his. He brings me to him again, his hands roaming to the bottom of my tunic as I grasp at his back, filled with warmth at the feel of his tight muscles.

And that's when I pull away. Break the long-lasting bond of our lips, break the spell of sensation which lingers in the air between our bodies. My eyes immediatley looking to the mirror behind him, fixed on the reflection of two scars which appear as an upside down 'V'.

"What's wrong?" Quin's confused gaze searches mine, his expression anxious and uncertain as I search the skin of his back and whisper, "What happened to you?"

The End

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