Quin, present day

As I pulled in front of her house I found myself quite surprised. It was a small cottage, probably with an attic room and no second floor. I watched as Faira slid off my bike and couldn't help but admire the long pair of slim legs she had been gifted with. "Thanks for the ride" She mumbled looking down at the helmet which she now had in her hands. I flicked up my visor.

"No problem" I whispered. She looked up at me with nervous eyes then gestured towards the house in a friendly manner.

"Do you want to come in?" she asks lightly. I pull off my helmet and shake my hair out. I then look at her with eyes so intense she gasps and her heart beat trebbles.

"I'm allowed?" I ask lightly. She nods silent and I smile. I swing off my bike and take her helmet from her, leaving both on the bike as I turn to face her. "Lead the way" She blushed but turns and head towards the house. I follow eagerly and feed the blood pounding through my veins in excitement. She unlocks the door and steps in. She holds the door wide to me and I look around the doorframe before... entering.

I find myself smiling. Seems this place isn't holy at all. "Um, do you want anything to eat?" Faira asks as she closes the door. She takes off her coat, hanging it up, and slips off her shoes, putting them on a shoe rack. Then she turns to me and I notice her cheeks are flushed.

"No, thank you" I whisper, stepping close. Her heart beat increases and she looks up at me with vunerable eyes. I smile faintly and begin to lean down which is when.... she slaps me. Hard across the cheek. She also steps back and looks furious.

"Inviting you in was a mistake if this is how you behave. Out!" She snaps. I can tell though is that this is a defense mechanism. A way to protect herself from hurt. I look back a her then mouth no before leaning down and crushing my lips to hers.

She gasps and then relaxes, resting her hands on my chest.

Faira, 1889

Quin smelt of oak and rosemary.... such a delightful smell.

Faira, present day

I had never smelt something so strange. Oak with rosemary.... it was very.... intoxicating and.... familiar.....

The End

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