Eternal Love

Quin, present day

I couldn't have practically handed Faira over any better, even if I had tried - not that I would be so stupid as to want to . Oliver practically was at the top of his game, so much so, that I was beginning to feel a slight hint of jealousy brew and stir inside me.
I knew, all to well, that now he would be even more persistent in attempting to gain Faira's affection, especially after he main himself the subject of her... disgust.
But then again, he deserved it. If he hadn't been so proud in himself for his horrid deed all those years ago which tore her away from existance, then he wouldn't be in such a mess. I couldn't help but grin.

"A bike?"

I turn to Faira who stands in disbelief at my side, eyes wide, mouth open, looking at the black motorcycle propped on its stand.

I laugh a little and look back to the bike. "Yep, she's a beaut, don'tcha think?"

She gazes long and hard, her face reflecting what she truly thinks: death machine. "Truthfully... yes. It is gorgeous, but - well -"

"Oh, come on," I say, mounting the bike and patting the seat behind me. "It's not that bad. You'll be safe with me, I promise."

Her eyes search mine, focusing on making her choice. Finally giving a slight nod, and saying, "Okay." As she takes my spare helmet, pushes it down on her waves of hair and climbs on behind me.

The ride to her house is short, but in those few minutes of weeving throughout the traffic and speeding past dead-locked roads, I come to feel more alive than I have in a very long time.

I recall the pressure of her arms tensing around my waist as we accelerated onto the motorway, the way her fingers - whether she intended to do so or not - roamed across my chest, in a way so intimate, so comforting, I couldn't help but wonder if subconsciously she did remember us.

 As we came to a set of traffic lights and she straightened up and coughed, I realised something that had long been forgotten. That slight movement, in such a split second, caused me to feel withdrawn and alone, without a warmth I have for so long sought, a warmth that I haven't felt the presence of since 1890.
And with that I knew. Knew that even after two centuries, my love for her was unharmed, eternal, constant. The flame which burned inside me, as bright as ever, glowing its love and care forever upon us.

The End

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