Oliver, present day

I watch her as Quin walks beside her. He fights for attention. The idiot he is. He couldn't protect her as a guardian and he's not going to be able to protect her now. Not as a fallen. Only a guardian could protect such a precious jewel. I can't believe she's returned to this world.

It gives me a second chance... us, a second chance. Quin may have taken her from me in the last life but he will not do it this time. I have the advantage as well. I have wings. His... have been ripped from his back. I have angelic charm. He's a symple mystry. I smile to myself and begin to make my way across the space. I come to a firm stop in front of Faira.

"Hello again" I say with a smile. I see Quin tense next to her. I watch as she blushes slightly and pushes a strand of hair back. She notices how she's reacting and yanks her arm down to her side.

"Hi, Oliver" Faira says her face now expressionless except for the hint of a smile.

"Wait, you know him?!" Quin gasps shocked.

"Um, yeah. I bumped into him on my way after showing you your class... do you?" Faira says. Her eyes narrow in slight curiousity.

"Oh, we do. Me and Quin.... we go way back" I say with a smile. Quin shoots a glare at me and I notice Faira feels the tension. "Oh come on, Quin. Can't you let that old grudge go"

"Never" Quin hisses.

"Grudge?" Faira mutter looking confused. I lean into her ear to whisper.

"Quin has a grudge on me cause I caused him to lose the only girl he ever loved"

"But that's dreadful!" Faira gasps stepping away from me. She looks at Quin with sadness, pity and.... the first hint of love. My heart stops in shock for a moment. I see Quin's shocked expression yet happy and grind my teeth. Damn, that was the wrong way to put it and not the way I was heading.

"Faira, can I give you a lift?" Quin asks.

"Sure" she whispers looking slightly dazed and once again distance. She looks at me. "See ya, Oliver"

"Yeah, bye" Quin says with a smile before they walk past me. I watch Faira leave with longing. What am I doing?

The End

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