The Past

Quin, 1889

"So you're against me being with her because I'm not her guardian and you are?" I ask, eyeing him carefully.

Oliver stiffens slightly and folds his arms in front of him. "Well -"

"Oh my gosh. You're jealous aren't you?" I ask, interrupting him with a sly smile.

"I'm most certainly not. At least not of you."

A laugh escapes my lips, as I sigh and shake my head. Of course he was jealous. He constantly watched over Faira, it was his duty, and he would have began to have feelings toward her, if I were here or not. "Your mouth says one thing but your face says another," I say gesturing to his flustered expression.

"Oh hush up will you," he says, his fists clenching at his sides. "Don't think I won't rid you of your wings."
I circle him for a moment, amused at his sudden change in composure since I discovered what it was that had him so anxious. "I'd like to see you try my friend, I'd like to see you try. But you know as well as I do that the Elders will clip your wings if you do that. Do you really want to risk losing everything? Your status, your power... Faira?"

"Shut up!" He yells, his white wings unfurling , as he launches at me.

Faira, 1889

I watch as Oliver practically jumps at Quin. Wings appear from nowhere on his back, fluttering as she tries to catch him in his grasp. I didn't know what to think of what was happening, but I wasn't about to let Quin get hurt.

I step out from the obscurity of a large white pillar. Searching frantically for anything that I could use as a weapon to assist Quin, but there's nothing. Nothing but the echoing rumble of thunder that sounds overhead.

I gasp as I watch Quin rapidly jump at least ten feet into the air, holding his position there, he continues to hover.
He outstretches his arms to the side, his neck arched high as his eyes stare intently into the darkened sky.
Lightening suddenly strikes down upon him, the heat burning away his frilled shirt, leaving nothing more than a pile of ash, which falls to the ground. His skin, however, remains unharmed and smooth.

Millions of words swim through my mind in attempts to explain that what is happening is humanly impossible. But none escape my mouth.
I look away for a second to rub my eyes, trying as hard as I can to believe that this is all just a dream. Reopening them, they happen upon the same previous site, although something more is occurring.

Large, elegant, white wings begin to awaken from their slumber as they unfold around Quin's sculpted bare chest. They beat softly, keeping him in flight as the final of his feathers ruffle to adjust themselves.

He swiftly drops to the floor with one knee down as he rests an arm over the other, his wings encircling him slightly.
He lifts his face to meet my gaze. His emerald eyes are somewhat masked by loose strands of his jet black hair which have fell lightly over them. He keeps them locked on mine, as though my acceptance of who he is, is all that truly matters to him.
Go find somewhere to hide. I hear the sound of Quin's voice demand. But it didn't come from his mouth; it was as though he spoke directly to my thoughts.

There's a large oak tree which you can hide in a few yards away from here. he says, speaking to my thoughts. Go there and wait for me, and please... stay safe.
He stands up, his wings spreading wide behind him as he motions for me to go and stay out of harms way. I run past him, noting the look of surprise on Oliver's face as he spots me making a run for it.

The End

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