The Past

Faira, 1889

"Oliver" I say with a curtsy.

"Nice to see you have attended, Miss Faira" Oliver says taking my hand and lifting it up to his lips to kiss my knuckles. I giggle with a flirtatious smile. Oliver smiles back a mischeivous grin in his eyes.

"Well, I must excuse myself. There is more meaning about me being here. I don't want my date to get bored" I say then turn walking back over to Quin whose watching from the shadows. I then notice him glaring at Oliver over my shoulder. "Problem, Quin?" I ask.

"How do you know Oliver?" he asks simply.

"He's a neighbour or friend so to speak" I say glacing over my shoulder to see Oliver glaring right back at Quin. I look to Quin who pulls his gaze from Oliver to look at me. His eyes are sweet and hold no anger, only a protective look.

"I think you should be careful around him" Quin tells me. He reaches forth and puts a hand on my cheek. "I wouldn't want to see you hurt" His touch is warm and soft against my cheek. I can't help but sigh.

"I will take your advice" I say with a teasing smile and stepping back.

"Care to dance?" Quin asks.

"I'd love to" I whisper. We dance for what seems like ages and then Quin excuses himself. It confuses me and I begin to make polite talk with a couple of other young ladies. Its then I see Quin step outside with Oliver. My curiousity over takes me and I follow them outside.

I hide in the shadow and listen. "Do you want to fall, Quin?!" Oliver's voice snaps.

"Do you?" Quin questions back.

"I'm her guardian... the bond I have with her is understandable" Oliver mumbles and I can tell he's also blushing.

"Well, what do you have against me being with her?"

"You're not her guardian. You can't love her, Quin. They'll rip off your wings. Even more of a fact... I'll rip off your wings"

The End

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