Quin, present day

The morning lessons finally drew to a close, inviting in the time of freedom - lunch. The cafeteria wasn't a place I had been accustomed to in my past four-hundred years, and by the looks of things, it didn't appear promising.
I follow the swarms of people that buzz through the lunch rooms doors, droning on about what their going to eat or if they'll even eat at all, as I find myself a table and wait for Faira's arrival.
I needn't bother worry myself with getting food, it wasn't likely that I would eat it anyway, I had more pressing matters on my mind than satisfying my own hunger.
Faira appeared bitter, with-drawn and an outsider in this life time. Her defence's were much more heightened than they had been some two centuries ago, and I couldn't help but wonder whether she would allow me her company. Would we ever have the same relationship in this life like we had in her past? Would she see me as a bore and dismiss me completely?
But I couldn't allow myself to think so negatively and question everything that could be a problem. If we're meant to be together we will be, why else would she have be reincarnated?
I sit eagerly, waiting in my seat as I watch the door like an eagle. My hopes rising each time the door opens, praying for it to be Faira, and then falling when it isn't.
As my patience grows shorter and shorter and time constantly ticks by, I begin to feel the need to give in and just leave.
But just as I'm collecting myself together, I look to the door once more and gasp.
My eyes widen at the person welcomed into the room. Their tall stature, bolder than any other as they lock eyes with mine and walk over.
"Glad to see your here, Quin."
I raise my brows and fold my arms. "I wish I could say the same to you, Oliver."

The End

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