Faira, present day

I rushed quickly along the corridor. Showing Quin to his class had made me late for mine yet... I didn't feel angry at him. I turned the final corner and. "Ouch! I'm sorry" I call. I stumble back and the mystery person grasps my wrist stopping me from falling.

I look up and gasp. I'm met with golden eyes and light blond almost white hair. "It's no problem"  the young man answers. He trails his fingers over my wrist as he pulls away.

"Um, yeah, well... I'm late for class" I mumble not making a move to get past him.



"That's my name, Oliver" he says with a warm bright smile. I feel my heart flutter and I try to stop it but I can't. This reaction is uncontrolable. "What's yours?"

"Huh? Um... Faira" I say a small blush on my cheeks. Why am I feeling so faint and dizzy around this guy? I never act so lost in front of anyone, especially not a guy. I push back a strand of hair then grab a book that fell off the ground.

"Its nice you meet you Faira" Oliver says with a friendly smile. I can't help but smile back and feel like an idiot. "You know, Faira. I'd like to see you again. Here" He presses a piece of paper into my hand brings my hand up kisses the knuckle then leaves. I traces the touch of his lips on my knuckle as he leaves. Then the second bell goes.

"Oh, damn" I swear and race off down the corridor.

The End

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