Warming Up

Faira, present day

This guy 'Quin' was really beginning to try my patience. Throughout the short journey from the first floor to the second, which should only seem about a two minute walk, in fact seemed like an eternity to me.
With his continous loop of question after question, hoping to discover things about me, I finally  snap and turn to him and say, "Look. I don't particually care for your interrogation, so if you would just zip it and let me show you to your class like you asked, then that would be great, okay?"

He stiffens slightly and straightens up, giving a slight nod as he gestures for me to continue. I could tell from his sudden change in composure and expression that my harsh words got to him, but constantly having to face the label of 'outsider' got to me. And although it may seem like Quin genuinely was hopeful, I couldn't allow myself to trust him, to just accept him into my life. Especially with his undeniable good looks, he was sure to be trouble.

"Okay, this is it." I say, stepping to the side of the door as I point to the number plate on the wood, 408.

"Thanks," is all he says, all he seems willing to say, but then again I don't blame him. Why would he now show any friendliness toward me? I'm rude, and don't care much for the company of others, at least not now after being rejected for so long.
But just as I'm about to turn and leave, I feel someone grasp my wrist. I spin round to the site of Quin eyeing me, "Sorry about the 'interrogation'," he states, using his fingers to state my previous judgement. "You'll get the chance to question me as much as you like one day." He winks and covers his eyes with his glasses again, before bidding me farewell and entering the classroom.

Sure, he was irritating, even unbelievably annoying in his quest for my attention, but there was something about him, something about his constant flirting and cheekiness that began to break through my icy shell. I could already feel myself warming to his presence, melting away my harshness and truthfully, I couldn't wait for our next encounter.

The End

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