The Present Day

Quin, present day.

I pace back and forth down the length of the scarce corridor, waiting, as patiently as one can, to be called into class. I had long awaited the time on the earth plane when Faira would be reincarnated, bought back to me from beyond the grave, so we could once again be re-united and resume from where we left off.
If only, those two centuries ago, she hadn’t been taken from life’s grasp so rapidly then she could have lived a happy and loved life - we both could have. If only -

My thoughts are interrupted by a voice - of whose I can only assume to be the teachers - as she greets her class 'Good morning' and begins with her routines. 
Her gaze travels from her laptop screen, her wrinkled face glowing at me as she gives a weak smile and ushers me in. "Come in. Come in."
And it's now that it hits me. Now is the moment I'm going to lock eyes with my one true love - the love that was stolen from me, too long ago. A face, which for so many years,  has been a distant memory which will now be refreshed, granted to me again, for me to soon grasp between my hands and press my  lips to. 

My breath hastens as my heart pounds uncontrollably against my ribs; expressing all the excitement I hold at bay.
Taking my glasses from my jacket pocket and positioning them over my eyes, I enter the room.

And then I see her, glance upon her overwhelming beauty, taking in her loose, long waves of brunette hair, the smooth planes of her olive skin and full pink lips.

I stand next to Mrs. Tatty, who now busies herself looking over the classroom in hopes to assign me to a seat.
Faira's deep blue eyes never once leave me, as she watches like a cat at my every move. Her sight travels down the length of me, taking in my attire as she makes her verdict on me and looks away to her bag for her stationary.

"Class I'd like to introduce Quin." Mrs. Tatty begins, "Hmm, no seats."

I take a swift glance upon the room, quickly checking each seat - there's no way I'm not going to be in
this classroom. And that's when I see one, the best one I could have possibly hoped for. "Miss, there's one at the back," I point out, looking eagerly at the one which is placed next to Faira's, and although I don't allow a smile to pull at my lips outwardly, inside I'm over the moon.
 I continue to watch Faira for a moment, noticing how her posture changes, becoming tense and frigid as she looks up from her lowered stance to me. 

"Oh, yes.... next to, well..... if you don't mind" Mrs Tatty mumbles. I don’t wait another second, two-hundred years of longing rushes to the surface, demanding me to get as close to Faira as allowed in these surroundings as I stride up the walkway and slide into the seat next to hers.

I take off my glasses and place them on my desk, watching with my peripheral vision at Faira, who doesn’t once look up to acknowledge my presence.
The sight of her before me, so close, just a mere arms length away, is enough to drive me crazy, and I just can’t help myself but to reach out and tap her shoulder. She looks up at me, and gasps. Her eyes studying mine curiously, searching, as I too take her in. Her long hair falls down to her waist, over a plaid woven tunic. She wears dark blue three quarter length jeans finished with black roman style sandals, exposing her glittering toe nails. But before I can open my mouth to introduce myself, her focus is taken from me by the commands of Mrs. Tatty who yells, "Face this way!"

“So do you stare at everyone or am I just a specialty or something?” 

I turn to see Faira standing behind her seat, apparently now is the end of the lesson and having not paid one bit of attention to the work, and instead, focusing all of my concentration of Faira, the lesson flew by. 
“Well?” She asks again, raising an brow at me impatiently as she shoves her numerous books and pieces of equipment into her satchel, eagerly awaiting my answer.

I laugh and pass her her pencil case which has fallen to the floor, “Your definitely my specialty,” I say with a wink, now feeling I have come across more than a little forward.
She focuses on her business and scoffs to herself, clearly unamused, as I now sense it's up to me to talk.

I pull out a piece of folded A4 paper from my jeans and study its contents. Biology was my next lesson, and I had  no idea where to go. “Do you know where room 408 is?”


“Well, that’s my next, class. Would you care to elaborate and tell me where it is?"

She sighs and stares at me for a moment, clearly weighing out her decision. "Fine."

"Thanks," I say, pulling my lips into a straight line in attempts to hide my smile.

The End

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