The Present Day

Faira, present day

I sit down with a heavy sigh. "Faira" Gabby sings stalking up to me like a predator to it's pray. "Nice to see you're back at school"

"Go away, Flabby Gabby" I say with a smirk. Gabby glares furious and folds her arms over her chest now self-concious.

"Says the freak" She hisses before returning to her gang of buzzing bees. That's what they are. Gabby, the queen bee, and her followers. I sigh and pull out my earphones, shoving them in. I turn the pounding rock music of King of Leon on full and bury my face in my folded arms across the table in front of me.

Why do I have to be so different? Why can't I just be part of one cliche group? I mean if it wasn't for my looks I'd completely fit in. Yes, I have a normal life with my best friend whose a year older than me. Appart from that though the normality in my life is..... zero. The third song finishes and I turn off my ipod. I pack it away and sit up straight just as the teacher walks through the door.

"Freak" Gabby mouths from the middle row. I look away leaning back in my chair. Of course, I'm in my normal seat on the back row in the corner.

"Good morning class" the teacher, Mrs Tatty, calls. She doesn't wait or expect an answer before she pulls out her laptop, switching it on. Its then though she does something out of routine. She looks towards the open door and becons. "Come in. Come in"

I find myself watching black and bright blue converse step in. I slowly let my eyes go up. I notice dark blue, slightly tight jeans with a studded belt. The a loose, black, v-neck shirt accompanied by a well fitting leather jacket. Then his eyes are hidden by black glasses. I find my self staring and he walks to stand next to Mrs Tatty. I almost feel like his eyes connect with mine but I can't tell through those dark black glasses. Nether the less I look away. I pull my pen and note book from my bag. I begin to tap the end of my pen on the table.

"Class I'd like to introduce Quin. Hmm, no seats" Mrs Tatty sighs.

"Miss, there's one at the back" Quin points out. I tense and grit my teeth. I look up from beneath my lowered head with narrowed eyes.

"Oh, yes.... next to, well..... if you don't mind" Mrs Tatty mumbles. Quin doesn't wait. He strides up the walkway and slips into the seat next to me. I don't look at him but then a hand taps my shoulder. I turn and look at this boy, Quin. His glasses are now off and I gasp at the sight of his green eyes framed by neatly cut jaw length hair.

The End

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