Two Wings

Faira thought she was just normal. She thought she had a crappy life and eventually would escape it. She didn't think two angels would swoop in both taking her off her feet.
What she didn't know though is that this is a competition that has lasted much longer than just her lifetime.

Faira, 1890

I choke, coughing and curling in on my stomach. He sobs next to me cradling my body. "Faira, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry this happened" he sobs. Golden tears fall down his cheeks. My beautiful guardian. I reach out and wipe them away.

"Don't... cry" I gasp. He looks directly into my eyes. His are so sincere.... so beautiful.

"Its all my fault" he whispers.

"I.... forgive you" I say moaning with pain. I feel like with each drop of blood I lose the more fire burns through my veins.

"I promise you that your next life will be different" he says then kisses me on the lips. Its so beautiful. A magical touch of his lips against mine, so perfect. I almost want to scream as he pulls away but I can't its too hard to breathe. Even speaking to him is very painful.

"Will..... will we... be together?" I ask. My eyes look up into his and I know they're pleading for him to answer me. Pleading him to give me the answer I need.

"Of course, Faira.... I can't let this happen to you again. In your next life..... We'll be together and... and you'll live the best life possible. We'll grow old together" I watch as the tears flow more heavily.

I smile and reach up to stroke his cheek. My eyes begin to flutter close and I fight to keep them open. "Will you kiss me?"

A sob escapes his lips but slowly he leans down and crushes his lips to mine. The last thing I see is his tears fall onto my cheeks. The last thing I feel is his lips on mine. The last thing I hear is my ragged breathing. The last thing I taste is sweet honey, like all angels. The last thing I smell is special.... its his smell.... the smell of.....

The End

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