Two who were never suppose to meet

Just an idea I had in my head, decided to freewrite it out. Anything?

A gigantic blast of light exploded near the airship window, momentarily staining the night bright shades of green and red, followed by a loud pop. Another. And another. It was a grand celebration. Locke stared into the darkness of space from the airship observatory deck, seemingly detached from his reality. He brought the glass of wine to his mouth and sipped lightly, his gaze set upon something far too distant to see. A small hand on his shoulder released him from his mind.
Locke turned to face a radiant woman with long platinum blonde hair and silver eyes. Though only moments ago, it seemed an eternity since he had last seen her. She was able to read him, unlike anyone had ever been able. Without so much as a word, amongst the great celebration, she was able to decipher the expression on his face. All of this would be drawing to its conclusion.
"It seems as if the stars are shining just for us this evening," She smiled hopefully. Locke sighed, grasping her hand reproachfully. Another firework exploded above, illuminating the area and then dissipating.
"If we are but transient guests of existence." She paused. "Then let us not waste time."
It was ironic, her choice of words. Time. What is time? A direction of space, simply fabricated to help quantify an existence which could be missed if one were to blink. Time was a facade.
The sounds of bottles popping, champagne pouring, and the beautiful orchestra symphony slipped in and out of focus. He was reminiscing of happier times, and before he knew it, following her toward the elevator down to ballroom floor. Below, hundreds danced formally and in great unison. Their ignorance kept them in bliss, but did little to pacify Locke.

As they entered the floor, a soft soothing melody began to play. It seemed as if the whole floor was waiting on them to begin, so that they may follow. Locke took hold of Lena and began their endless waltz.
To Locke, the room seemed to spin ever so slightly as they danced. Both longed for this single moment to endure. Neither prepared for its end, yet it had come.
A loud groan echoed through the room as some unseen force struck the ship. The floors began to shake violently, and the crowd began forcing their way from the ballroom floor.

Locke's face ceased all expression. Oddly, a certain calmness irradiated from her as her eyes began to well with tears. The pair blocked out the surrounding havoc and continued to dance slowly.
"Is it happening?" She asked in a monotone voice.
Locke nodded clutching her hand firmly and looking deep into her eyes.
"Will it hurt?"
This was something he could not answer. He did not know of anyone to have ever survived the shock. Nor had he ever come across someone before, and then again after the shock. To watch someone experience it, one would say they most likely never noticed a thing.
"I will find you. I promise." He said.
She searched for something in his eyes to let her know he was not lying. She smiled and whispered something softly into his ear. He broke into a half smile. Their grip on each other seemed to loosen, startling them both. Locke watched as everything around them went void of color. Lena released his hand.
"Take this." She removed the pendant from around her neck and handed it to him.
Locke's eyes widened as he watched the pendant fall from her hand to his. It seemed fall forever before resting in his palm. He looked up again, and she was gone. Locke could only watch while the force known as time ripped through the fabric of space. It tried to take him, but like every other time, was kept at bay. He walks in a different world, and has bore witness to this event too many times. He will find her.

The End

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