Two Universes and an Assassination

Based on the TV show Nikita. Two universes, two Nikita's, two Michael's, what could go wrong?!

Division, a secret government agency gone rogue, ran by one man, he holds the deepest darkest secrets of America in the palm of his hand (quite literally). Division was originally created to help clean up the country’s “dirty laundry”, and keep it all hidden, but soon the spearhead of the organization turned rogue, turning the whole of Division with him, he keeps all of America’s dirty little secrets stored on “Little Black Boxes”, which are kept all over the world, updated regularly by people they call “Guardians”. I work to destroy Division bit by bit, with help from the inside. I am Nikita.

The green canopy of leaves laid across the sky like a blanket, covering almost every square inch of the crystal blue, except small holes here and there, as if a moth had eaten through it, the trees swayed gently in the breeze, leaves floated to the ground, giving me plenty of cover.

A twig snapped in the far distance, then came mutters and whispers, one whisper I recognised, Michael, he was sent in to stop me from getting the second black box, the very person who trained me, the only one I could ever trust, out to kill me.. Just as my train of thought had ended, I was surrounded by Division agents, Michael coming closer to me. His dark brown hair fell across his deep brown eyes, too bad they were the eyes of a killer. I slowly brought my body up, my hands along with it, “I surrender...” I shouted out to them lazily, “You know… I’m getting fed up with this Michael; you could stop playing with me…” I continued on as he came closer. He smelt his usual scent, a musty smell, never smells of blood… maybe because he never has to kill unless he is needed to… I let out a slight sigh, “Well?”

The End

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