Red-Suit's phone rings.

Suddenly my ears were abused. With a dance remix of some Destiny's Child-esq, high girl power song, I swung round to see Red-Suit fumbling looking slightly embarressed through her bag.
The ringtone choice didn't make her unattractive, her rosy cheeks made her cuter and more approachable.
She gave me a full on toothy grin as she answered her phone with a purring hello.
"El, I'm only just done, what's up?" She was smiling as she was talking and you could hear her smile in her voice. As her lips parted and she spoke it was magical.
I had fallen in love with an angel. Or that's how it felt.

But then again I felt this way about Claire too. I reminded myself to be weary.

The lift doors parted and she ushered her way into the small cubile and stood uncomfortabley close to me.

I've been told in the past I'm a geek, and I guess I am, and with my geeky persona I have, I believe a mild form of autism, where I don't like strangers being too close. I hate party envornments and lifts, it's not that I'm claustrophobic.  I can quite happily be in a confined space - ALONE.

"It's breaking up - I'll see you later, I'm in the lift... Love ya! Byeeee!" She flipped her fancy phone lid shut and sashayed slightly closer to me.

I could feel my whole body tense up as she was so close I could smell her perfume and if she inhaled suddenly I'm almost positive her bosom would touch me.

"I'm Tabby," She smiled. So she had a name. I was speechless, I had to find out from HR Claire's name, First Middle and Last, so I could facebook her and see if her relationship status was "Single." Sad perhaps. Cautious, definatley.

"Soo.." Tabby looked at me, expecting conversation. I was slightly mesmorised and slightly on edge that she had spoken to me, and broken the sacred elevator rule of not talking. "Tabitha really.." She continued when she realised I wasn't going to talk.
"Tabitha Hinden-Banks, sounds posh, but I'm not really, makes for a nice signature though, you know, nice and flirty, but not.." She caught my eye and went bright red, "Not too flirty, not like trampy, like 'chardonnay' or something."
She was rambling, we weren't even half way down yet.

"I'm Peter" I offered to save her from digging a deeper hole.
"Peter," She thought about my name for a second, I'm not sure what she could of been thinking, Peter's a pretty plain name.
"Peter and Tabby, or Tabby and Peter," suddenly her red suit wasn't that flattering and she was far to close for comfort, I felt sweat peel off my skin and run down my back like a lazy river.
"I didn't mean, well, I don't know what I meant, I'm nervous, sorry, I really hope I get that job, you know? It's just, I don't really socialise, I'm not really, good at it. How people are supposed to be I suppose, I suppose I'm just you know?"
She looked at me intensely.
I did not know. But nodded in agreement.
"Phew! Thank god for that! Didn't want you to think I was a physco or whatever, you know?"
I prayed that she would loose all ability to say the words "you" and "know".  I gave a slight nod again, not wanting her to think I was that eager.
"Hey, we should go for a drink, I might be working with you tomorrow, let's do it. Oh. My. God. I so wont take no as an answer!" She smiled the same toothy grin that she had given me before we got in the Elevator, but now, everything had changed.
She wasn't a perfect unnamed woman who was polite and spoke well.
She was a jibberish wreck called Tammy.
"Look Tammy, I'm just going for a cigarette, I'm on lunch, a drink isn't really appropriate, good luck with future job interviews" I really meant that last bit, and hope it didn't come out as patronizing as it was in my head.
"It's Tabby, Peter" She looked at me intensely again. It was weird to say the least. 
"My name Peter, is Tabby, not Tammy. And I definatley prefer Tabby and Peter rather than Peter and Tabby, don't you agree?"
"No," I looked at where the elevator was, we were on the tenth floor. I breathed a sigh of relief and my suit accidently brushed hers. This seemed to be a sort of "come-on" to her and she ran her nails through her hair.
"Well why not?"
"I've told you, its lunch time, it's not appropriate, I'm tired, I don't really know you, and I could be a serial killer."
"But your not, and that wasn't what I was talking about."

Suddenly the little cube we were in jolted to a stop and the British accented lady informed us that we were at the ground floor, Tabby stepped away from me as we waited for the doors to open.

"So this could be goodbye," She almost sighed this fact from her more comfortable position on the opposite side of the lift.
"Yes, it could" I grimaced at my own point blank answer, but I didn't want to give the poor girl, who obviously had mental problems a come on.

The End

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