Tabitha's phone rings.

I jumped as my phone vibrated in my bag, hoping to get to it before my dance remix of "Say my name" blurted out I routed through my bag. Then it started, the man in the bizarre suit turned round and gave me a bit of a glare, obviously Destiny's Child wasn't his  favourite girl band of the 90's. As I flicked my phone open to see that it was Elenor calling I wondered if he was more of a Spice Boy than a Destiny Boy...

"El, I'm only just done, what's up?" I said to my dubious housemate, I smiled at the man who was still looking at me, I'm sure he was thinking I was an obnoxious cow. I blanked El out, she was rambling about her boyfriend Torando, who I secretly in my head called Tornado.

When the lift doors opened, I wondered why I hadn't taken the stairs, I'd always hated lifts. Always. I stood close to the looker in the lift, for safety purposes, but he was abnormally uncomfortable. About it, but still didn't move. Probably to be polite.
I suddenly realised I had to introduce myself as I was stood so close.

"It's breaking up - I'll see you later, I'm in the lift... Love ya! Byeeee!" I closed the phone and the lift jolted slightly and I inched toward the looker.

Without thinking I introduced myself, "I'm Tabby,"  I smiled. Waiting for a response from him was agonizing, perhaps he wasn't uncomfortable with me so close, perhaps women did this all the time to him? Perhaps he thought I was a nutter. Seconds that felt like hours passed.

"Soo.." I waited a few seconds for him to reply, nothing, absolutley nothing, so I carried on rambling, perhaps he was a retard? I said a bit louder. "Tabitha really.." Still nothing, no conversation, no nothing.

I began rambling, "Tabitha Hinden-Banks, sounds posh, but I'm not really, makes for a nice signature though, you know, nice and flirty, but not.." I looked at him, realising I was chatting nonsensicle sentances I tried to finish my sentance suddenly, "Not too flirty, not like trampy, like 'chardonnay' or something."
I became quiet, and as i took an inch step back from where I was, he spoke.
"I'm Peter" He smiled an awkward little smile that suggested he didnt really want to be talking to me. I was grateful though, anything to get my mind of the lift. I waited for any more information, nothing. I thought of his name and said it aloud, "Peter,"  Pausing, I wasn't sure where to take the conversation, but the lift jolted again and suddenly my mouth was  dry and I was reeling off words that I wasn't sure were making sense.
"Peter and Tabby, or Tabby and Peter," I gave him a little half hearted smile as the lift calmed down,"I didn't mean, well, I don't know what I meant, I'm nervous, sorry, I really hope I get that job, you know? It's just, I don't really socialise, I'm not really, good at it. How people are supposed to be I suppose, I suppose I'm just you know?"  The lift had calmed down, but unfortunatley my mouth hadn't, I was completely lying. I did socialise, often, but not in lifts with silent retarded men that came across as axe murders.
He nodded sincerly, he obviously didnt know how to socialise himself and knew the termoil and pain I was going through at that moment, but his was his entire life. I suddenly felt quite sorry for him.
"Phew! Thank god for that! Didn't want you to think I was a physco or whatever, you know?" I gave him my best smile, I didnt want him to think that I knew he was a physco, nor did I want him to think that I was a physco, it was a very difficult situation. I felt more sorry for him when he gave a feeble little nod in my direction, he obviously thought that I was implying he was a nutter, I had dug myself a grave.

"Hey, we should go for a drink, I might be working with you tomorrow, let's do it. Oh. My. God. I so wont take no as an answer!"  I was daft, I didnt want to spend time with this silent axe murderer retard, but I didn't want him to think I was a nutter and follow me about or something. He knew my full name, thanks to the lift jolting.
"Look Tammy," He spoke again, His voice was calm and collected  "I'm just going for a cigarette," He continued,"I'm on lunch, a drink isn't really appropriate, good luck with future job interviews"  I looked at him baffled - he didn't know my name. And was hoping I didn't get the job.
"It's Tabby, Peter" I looked at him in t he eyes to make sure it had stuck. It was weird to say the least. 
"What?" He said quite drably, he really wasn't interested.
"My name Peter, is Tabby, not Tammy. And I definatley prefer Tabby and Peter rather than Peter and Tabby, don't you agree?" I smiled again, hoping it stuck
"No," He looked  around nervously, I saw him try to edge away but stumble and brushed into me, I'm not sure if it was accidental or not. I wondered why he didn't prefer Tabby and Peter to Peter and Tabby, it was only a joke, but he'd turned it into an insult, I scratched my head for a second thinking about it, and finally asked
"Well why not?"
"I've told you, its lunch time, it's not appropriate, I'm tired, I don't really know you, and I could be a serial killer." He was right, he could be a serial killer, but he looked far to boring to be a "serial" killer perhaps just a killer?
"But your not, and that wasn't what I was talking about." I waited for a response, but instead the lift jolted and some woman said "Welcome to the Ground Floor" I stepped away from him when I realised that he was nothing more than a pathetic man who had made me feel safe for all of three or four minutes.

I looked at Peter realising he wasn't going to say goodbye, I grinned and told him informitavley, "So this could be goodbye," She almost sighed this fact from her more comfortable position on the opposite side of the lift.
"Yes, it could" He responded.  He was like a robot, a retarded axe murderer but not serial killer robot man in a mismatched suit with a boring name and no point of view on anything at all ever.

The End

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