Chapter 2 - Little Sister (Part 2)Mature

Drama was, by far, the best class I had. Not only was Elaine in the class with me, but we were separated into a group with just us in it. Twenty kids and groups of three were magical phrases to me. Sure, if we got a new kid, they would be assigned to my happy little group, but even then I would be happy. Especially since she was available again. 

Of course, things rarely go as you expect them. To be honest, they were just plain weird for me. I was still feeling confused about that new girl, Kera. Sure, it had been a mix up with the hugging, but the way she acted... It didn't sit well with me.

As I entered the room where Drama was, I realized just how odd this school year was fated to be. It was once said in something somewhere that he who sees a light is fated to forget about the shadows around said light. I don't know if it was shadows that Kera sitting in Drama represented, but it surely wasn't a light.

"Ah, Mr. Heron," my lovely teacher - and I do mean lovely - said as I took my seat on the pews that were placed in the rear of the room. This classroom was set up like a small auditorium, really. I liked it though. "I assume you've already realized that Ms. Bellmort will be in the group with you and Ms. Rose?"

I nodded and waved for Kera to come sit beside me. It took some time for Elaine to get to class, of course, so we had some major awkward silence. Well, I did. Kera had on a cheerful smile that I was coming to believe was a front for something. I didn't know what, but I really was sure it would be something I would either love or hate. Maybe even both.

Maybe she was a teen model?

"Alright class, let us begin!" Elaine hurried in just before Mrs. Hanson shut the door. "Ah, Ms. Rose, I see you made it just in time." Luckily for Elaine, Mrs. Hanson was really reasonable and didn't care if students were really late. Must be something to do with her being from the UK. They were said to be polite...

"You sure do love to keep a guy waiting," I teased as she sat down. 

"Sorry, I was just..." She trailed off as she saw Kera. "Oh, we got a new girl." I got a sarcastic smile from Elaine. "And you get two girls in your group now, Jim." 

"I guess I do," I laughed. "Anyway, this is Kera."

Kera, who had been listening to the teacher take attendance for some reason, smiled and waved at Elaine. "Hey, I'm Kera."

Elaine smiled back. "I'm Elaine," she said sweetly before looking back at me, "Wow, Jim, for some reason she kind of looks like you. Soul mate, maybe?"

Yeah, maybe that was... Hey! Wait! "We are not soul mates!" I shouted a little louder than I should have.

"I'm sure you're soul mate would be someone who can match your volume, Mr. Heron." I cringed as the teacher's words sunk in. Everyone in the class probably heard that... And so the rumors would spread, probably... "Now, everyone pay attention!"

I looked forward, feeling annoyed, but not before I caught a glimpse of Kera blushing. It caught me off guard, really... But, then again, I did remind her of someone important to her so maybe... 

No, no, no! I wanted Elaine!

"Today we will be starting the basics of acting. Keep in mind that you will have to make a story to act out or select one. Now..."

Make a story, huh? This just made my day. I could make up anything I wanted and only have to worry about the dialogue. No caring about grammar or wordplay. Maybe this was my real calling? No, I liked books too much. It was certainly going to be a fun class, regardless of being trapped between Elaine's joking and Kera's.. well.. whatever made me feel odd around her. 

"Hey, Kera." Dammit, Elaine, we aren't supposed to talk during the lecture. At least, not across me. It was odd!


"Is Jim your type?"


OK, this was just lovely. Not like how the teacher was lovely, either. 

"Well, is he?"

"I don't know about type," Kera whispered back, "But he is someone whom I would like to be with me. Always."

That statement should have made me embarrassed or something. Maybe even make me blush. But... I felt myself longing for the same thing. My mother had once told me I had a sister, but she died before she grew up. She told me I might find someone who resembles that sister, even though I didn't remember anything about her. Maybe Kera was one of those people? 

That's it! Kera mistook me for one of her childhood friends, so that's why she feels close, and I have some sort of longing for my sister who died, so that's why Kera makes me long for her! I smiled, realizing the reason behind my own emotions. It was an accomplishment. 

"Maybe you two should try dating?"

And the feeling of accomplishment vanishes...

"Elaine," I said, "I don't think I should date her." Elaine looked confused at this, of course, but Kera looked just hurt. Man, I couldn't do that. "Instead, why don't you be like a little sister to me?" What the hell was I saying? Sure, I just concluded that she might resemble the sister I can't remember, but still! "I mean, you may need someone to guide you around and stuff..."

"Nice save."

"Thank you, Elaine."

Kera, for whatever reason God had allowed to exist, didn't back away from me like I was a creep. She just smiled. "Sound's good to me."

And that's how I got a little sister.

The End

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