Chapter 2 - Little Sister (Part 1)Mature

Class was awkward from that moment on. I mean, how could it NOT be awkward. Here I was, ignoring the teacher because I already knew this stuff and trying to avoid eye contact with one of the most beautiful girls I knew. Why was I not looking at her? Well... I do like to look at girls, even if I'm going after Elaine, but this girl.... 

Kera was staring at me continuously. Wasn't it bad enough that she had hugged me like that with everyone watching? Brad gave me the death glare because of it, along with several other guys, Greg was just giving me that 'you can get her, bro' look, and some of the girls seemed to just be observing. The rest of the class only God knew the thoughts of. 

Might as well try something. The great thing about Mr. Humbrey is that he loves his job. He loves it so much that once he gets into a subject, he won't notice small things like a guy trying to talk to an odd chick beside him. Trying is probably a key word in that...

"Hey, Kera," I whispered to my side without looking, "Mind if I ask you something?"

Her reply came back in an instant. "Go ahead!" 

"Well, um..." How to put this? I wasn't exactly the best at talking to people I didn't know, especially girls, but this was even worse. What if I said something stupid? No, don't think that way! Just ask... "Why did you hug me?"

I heard her giggle a little. It was so quiet that I barely heard it over the teachers lecture. What kind of a reaction was that? "What kind of question is that?"

OK... That was an even odder thing. First, the chick hugs me and now she finds it weird that I find that weird? God, my head hurt. I wanted to write and clear out this confusion... "It's just odd since we don't know each other. Is that some kind of greeting for people you sit next to or something?"

She didn't reply. I waited until the teacher to turn and write something on the board before I looked at her. Granted, I was very nervous to meet this girl in the eye, but my curiosity always won out. Oddly enough, she was looking down at her lap with a depressed face. What did I do? Had I messed up some custom she had up North? Or was it because she had realized how different it was down South? And here I thought Northerners weren't all that different... 

She realized I was looking at her and gave me a bright smile, though it was pale in comparison to her earlier smile. "Oh, nevermind," she whispered, "I just got all excited because I thought you were someone I knew."

Well, that would explain a lot. "Oh ok. Sorry for not being that someone." I tried to laugh and make her smile, but I ended up just making us both get yelled at. Well, I tried. 

It was only after class that I could really talk to her. I mean, even if she had gotten me confused for someone else, I could still... No, I had Elaine. Wait, no. I wasn't going to get her. No, I vowed to! Dammit, why couldn't I just not have these thoughts! 

Luckily, my crazy thoughts were interrupted by Greg, who looked absolutely joyous. Dear God, he had already started rumors probably. He liked doing that. He said it was normal in high school and decided that the only way to stop the nasty rumors was to spread out his own embarrassing ones... It was sometimes worse to certain people like me. I could bet all my money that by the end of the day I'd be dating Kera. 

Why did that thought make me uncomfortable? 

"So man, should I spread the good news of your relationship?"

I punched Greg in the arm immediately. He deserved it for getting ahead of himself. "Shut up. I don't even know her."

Greg looked confused. "I thought she was a childhood friend or something."

"Why would you think that?"

"Well, it started off with a hug, then you two talked for a little while during Mr. Gay's lecture. Seemed like you two just met back up and hit it off." He clapped me on the back. Rather hard, too. "Honestly, I was super excited for you. And now, I'm even happier." It was then that my friend's eyes glowed like evil stars. "Soon everyone will call you two a couple!"

"You're a douche, Greg."

"I know. Anyway, you want to buy that game?"

Game? "Oh, the serial killer one?"

"Yeah man!"

I thought about it. Since I could forge my own killer, I was really interested. Plus, making my characters in my books come alive was always fun. "Sure. I'll ask my mom about some extra work I can do."

Greg smiled. "I'm gonna be a killer who targets other killers. A vigilante."

I smiled at my friend. It was a typical thing he would say. "Well, that's not surprising at all."

"What about you?"


"What kind of killer are you going to be?"

I don't know why, but I couldn't answer that question. One came to mind, though. I dared not say it, though. The Serial Killer I came up with was someone who was a villain in one of my stories. He killed girls and usual tortured them beforehand. Out of all my created characters, he was probably the only one I regretted making. I didn't know why though.

"Think on it, man," Greg said as we passed his class, "I have to head to that room back there. Mrs. Funky is teaching us all sorts of neat things!"

"Oh wow, I can almost see the sarcasm." I waved bye to him and headed to Drama. 

The End

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