Chapter 1 - The New Girl? (Part 2)Mature

The bell rang and class begun. Of course, I was right about just what the teacher was lecturing. I loved to write and read, but the old stories always bored me. They were petty and pretty much only made out to be very talented in the story. Honestly, I couldn't care less how good a writer was unless they came up with a good story. Making the story better written was easy. Just trial and error. 

See, the whole story of Caeser was this: guy conquers, other guys get jealous and kill him, die when others come in an kill the killers.  A basic karma story. Not a bad one, really, though it wasn't my style. 

In the middle of the lecture, another teacher came to grab Mr. Humbrey. "Class," he said before walking out the door, "Be looking over the next paragraph. See if you can identify any of the elements we have been discussing. I'll be back in a few moments."

Then he left, causing the class to burst into conversation.

"What do you think is going on?" A silly question for a girl to ask her classmates.

"Probably a call from his boyfriend." Apparently my classmates thought the teacher was gay.

"Ya think we're having a test on this stuff?" It's school, Brad. Of course we are. 

I continued to listen as my classmates talked, instead focusing on sleeping. Maybe he would be gone for a while and I could get some nap-time in. For every man calling himself a writer, you needed sleep. How could I finish my rough draft if  I couldn't sit up right for more than half an hour? Easy, I couldn't. So I would have to sleep now. 

"Jim, did you stay up again?" Or not. 

I looked up to see Greg standing over me. Curly hair bunched up on top of his head and sunken eyes totally made him look like a pothead. Well, he was. A massive pothead, actually. He smoked more pot than breaths I took. Yup, not even joking.

"No, of course not," I told him, "I just had this amazing dream about Elaine and me going for some movies or something..."

Greg laughed and sat down in the vacant seat beside me. "Man, you really gotta find another chick. Elaine's got you friend zoned until you turn into a raging dick."

I knew that. "Something I will never do. Persevere and get the victory."

"There is no victory for a nice guy," he retorted. "Anyway, you hear about that new game coming out?"

OK, now onto Greg's favorite subject; games. "Nope, what's it about?"

Of course, he got excited. " OK, so you know how they have that assassin series out?" I nodded. Some popular stuff about being in an organization and killing targets. "Well, this game is similar, but instead of an assassin, you are a serial killer."

I froze. I don't know why I did, but I just did. Serial killer? ALL my stories, even the loads of half-started ones, had serial killers in them. I loved the concept, though I couldn't imagine doing something that terrible. It was like war. Good in fantasy, but not in reality. "Go on."

"Well, basically you start out as a regular guy and you get to figure out what kind of killer you want to be. You can kill only other serial killers like a vigilante or just go around killing..." The teacher walked in at that moment. "I'll talk to you at lunch, man."

The entire class moved back to their seats and silence took back over. The teacher seemed annoyed that we had been talking in the first place, but didn't yell, oddly enough. I saw the reason quickly enough. 

A new student. 

Honestly, this wasn't surprising. We got another new guy the day before. Families tried to move before school started if they were moving and generally were at least a little late. Of course, I was surprised just how good looking this girl was. 

Long black hair ran down her back and over her shoulders with a middle part that perfectly framed a pretty face. Her eyes... were the same color as mine for some reason; a dark green. The most noticeable thing I saw, though I had no idea just how I saw it, was her stance. It was like a cat, poised to strike at any time. 

"This is Kera Bellmort," Mr. Humbrey said to the class, "She just moved here from Vermont, so she's not used to us Southern people. Be nice while she adapts, got it?" We all nodded and said yes sir, like an unpracticed group of kindergarteners. "You can take the empty seat beside Jim Heron, Kera." 

There are things that happen in this world that people do not understand. There is ghosts, aliens, cropfield patterns, the nature of God, and even why your mother pretties herself up without the intention to date. The one thing I really couldn't understand, though, was Kera's face going from that of a threatening predator to an excited little girl at the sound of my name. 

I also couldn't understand why she ran toward me and gave me the most painfully tight hug of my life. 

"Pretty, pretty..?"

The End

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