Chapter 1 - The New Girl? (Part 1)Mature


I rolled over in bed, trying to ignore my yelling mother once more. I had gotten no sleep since I had stayed up writing all night. I just HAD to keep writing until three, didn't I? I even had a headache from staring at the computer. My hands even hurt from all the typing! Please, Mom, just stop trying to wake me up and go to work. 


I jumped up as my mother stomped into my room. Her red curls were only halfway done and the bathrobe she usually wore was replaced with a nice business suit.  Being over fourty with no husband, she tended to spend a lot of time getting ready. The way she was now told me I overslept, though. 

"Sorry, Mom," I said as I rushed through my messy room to dress myself. Ouch! Why did I leave the computer chair there!? 

"Calm down, Jim," my mother said, her voice still sounding just a little bit angry, "I'll drop you off since you missed the bus. I can go in late if I need to."

Well, working at a company that sold shoes would let you do that, I guessed. "OK, let me get ready and I'll meet you there. Can't be late for my second day of my senior year.."

She left me to get ready then, thankfully. It didn't take long to throw the day's books into my bookbag and throw on a jacket before heading downstairs. I mean, I didn't see why it would take long for anyone really.

My mother wasn't what I would call mean or overbearing, she just tended to get grumpy in the morning. During the day and at her work, she is actually very nice and professional. I think she's perfect as far as being a mother goes, really. Although, my dad seemed to have died when I was around ten in a car accident so she is distant sometimes. Maybe it's because I was with him when it happened. 

As we rode towards the school -  me still being very sleep, of course - my mother asked me her usual question of the day. 

"Do you remember anything at all from the accident or before?"

I sighed. The accident had left me with amnesia. I couldn't remember anything about the wreck or beforehand. I had had to relearn everything except how to talk. It had been annoying, but I had managed to get caught up with all the other kids my age and even make honor role, despite my lazy tendencies. Yup, I was pretty much a miracle or something.

"Nothing," I told her. 

Her usual emotionless face was all I got from that answer. I didn't even bother with trying to figure out what she was thinking. For all I know it could be groceries or maybe even something I didn't really want to know.... 

"So, you find yourself a guy to date yet?" 

My mom gave me a half-hearted chuckle. "I'm too old to date, Jim," she told me. Emotionless face, annihilated. Success for me. 

"But, Mom, don't you know?" I put my fingers into a box shape, like a photographer would, and placed my mom in the center. Despite her age and tongue now sticking out like a dog to ruin my imaginary picture, she really was a looker. "Pretty, pretty."

"If you say so," she said. I had already won by making her laugh, though. Score for me.

We got to school ten minutes before the first class, so no one saw me hug and kiss my mom goodbye. I didn't really care like other kids did when it came to that. I really loved my mother and everything she had went through to get me here. After all, how could I complain about good results?

I had good grades, good looks, and ... OK, that last bit was a lie... No girl liked me. In fact, I only had one chick friend and that was because she could talk to me when she had been dumped by another guy. My life was still good, though! The grades! I needed to focus on my good grades!

Time for first class, then. 

Mr. Humbrey's English class was always fun. Sadly, I felt too tired to really get excited, so I just got to my desk and slouched. I used too much energy cheering up my mom... Darn. Well, I already knew today he was going over the first chapter some more. I had already read ahead and knew all about it though. Caeser was foolish and Brutus betrayed him and yada yada. Not a bad story, but I didn't read books twice.

"Jim, can I talk to you?"

I looked up to see Elaine. The girl I got to talk to when her boyfriends dumped her. She was gorgeous, honestly, - long, wavy, brown hair and chocolate eyes that could convince Al Capone to be a rapper - but sadly she had the same taste in men that rodents had in food. Garbage. 

"Pretty, pretty," I said to Elaine, getting the usual polite smile. It was a dreaded thing for a single guy to get a polite smile from a girl he complimented. "So, did Derek break up with you?"

She looked on the verge of tears just then, so I got up - despite my tiredness because I am a man - and hugged her. The other classmates seemed too preoccupied with their own lives to care, so I didn't worry about them butting into my hug. Hugs with a guys crush was a guys dream! 

Sadly, dreams don't last. 

"I'm good now, thanks." 

I let her go and sat back down as she walked away. "Pretty, pretty..."

The End

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