A Date?

Lesley grabbed Alice's hand and dragged her out of the mansion and into the front yard. He sighs and says, "I am not trying to avoid you. I'm just much more used to people who actually show what they're feeling."

"That's because they don't experience the same thing I do." Alice let go of his hand and once again walked around him.

Uh huh... Then Lesley asked, "What did you have to go through?"

"That would be a secret." Oh and here was another fake smile. "You have yet to prove yourself."

"Well, I will prove myself!You tell me to prove to you that I love you, but you won’t open up your heart so how can I?" Grr... she is so complicated. Lesley yet again, grabs her arm and takes her away.

Alice was running a bit to catch up to his pace. She giggled a little, but it was too low for Lesley to notice.

"Huh, do I remember where the park is?" Lesley stopped and looked around. Damn... this is the worst thing that can happen.

"Is this really going to be okay?" Alice gives a worried look.

"This was not what I was expecting." Lesley looked scared and worried.

"This..." Alice peeped over Lesley's shoulder to find a bunch of flashing lights. It was the whole gang of paparazzi.

"Would you mind wearing a wig?" Lesley turned back and ran with Alice in the back trying to catch up.

"Uh..." Alice was very hesitant about it. Oh whatever.

"Where are we going now?"

"I don't know! Just keep running until we lose them!"

Around many corners they went, and through many different streets and avenues. Basically, they were lost. After stopping for a deep breath, Lesley looked around. "They're gone...right?"

"I think so." Alice was panting as she stood there.

They were in a pretty isolated place, but it was close to the sea. The squawks of the seagulls could be heard overhead.

"Are you okay? I'm not sure if you're used to running so much." This is really not going as planned.

"Oh no, I'm fine." Alice stands up straight. "I'm just rather ashamed that I am out of shape."

"Ah...well, are you hungry?"

"Well I guess a snack won't hurt." Alice looked up to see the street sign. "Why don't we try that burger shop down the street? It's grand opening was just yesterday."

"Really? Well, let's go visit it."

In many ways, things can turn out unexpectedly. They walked into the little shop down the street and had a very long conversation...

The End

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