The Idea


Alice went up to her room after her mother, also known as Madam, came down the stairs. She opened the door to her enormous bedroom and laid flat on the bed. The room was pretty big with a lot of open space. Everything inside was either blue, white or black with an exception of one or two objects here and there.

Alice took hold of her stuffed panda sitting on top of the pillow and gave it a big squeeze. Then she laughed to herself. She found a very interesting person to play with.

"He's the first, right?" she said to herself. He had dark brown choppy hair and forest green eyes. He didn't seem to like being a gentleman too much. Just like me. Everything is an act.

She then looked at the panda and pinched its cheeks. After hearing the boy's comment, she just couldn't sit still. Are my smiles truly from the bottom of my heart or did I get used to making them up?

Alice got up from her bed and searched the closet for something more decent to wear. She took off the summer dress and went for a gray v-neck tee. Then she had a furry-necked, short white denim jacket over that. She sort of stood in front of the mirror for a minute before deciding to wear a black, layered skirt. I have a feeling that my mother will make me go somewhere. After deciding for a while, she also chose a pair of high-heels from the stack behind the door.

"Alice, would you mind coming downstairs for a minute?" Her mother yelled from downstairs. I knew it.

She raised her voice high enough such that her mother could hear, "I'll be right there!"

As Alice walked down the stairs, the boy stood there examining her again. Psh. Does it make a difference to my personality depending on what I wear?

"Alice, dear, this young man is Lesley Trinks. He is the boy that I told you about a few days ago."

"I am aware, Madam. I should assume that there is something you would like to two of us to do, am I correct?" Quit staring at me already. Alice made a fake smile to ward him off.

"Yes. Two days from now, there is going to be a celebration party for the new development of an archery ground. It is then that I would like to introduce the two of you as an engaged couple."

"Wait... I was not warned..." Lesley exclaimed.

"I understand, Madam. As you wish." Alice smirked at Lesley, initiating a challenge.

"Oh, and you are free for the rest of the day dear." Madam excused herself with the other lady.

She is clearly indicating that I have to spend the next few hours with him... "Nice to meet your acquaintance Lesley." Alice descended down the rest of the stairs and looked at him eye to eye.

Lesley blushed and looked away. "Can we not be so formal with each other? It's not like your mother is here anymore."

"Aw... you ruin all the fun." Alice walked around him in a circle. "Well, you choose. What would you like to do?"

"Um... since we don't know each other so well, would you like to have a talk... outside?" Aw... he's so cute.

"Sure." Alice gave him another smile.

Lesley rolled his eyes at the sight and dragged her outside of the house.

The two ladies stood back in the scenes wondering if this would turn out okay...

The End

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