Two Sided

Alice Kingston was the daughter of a mother who monopolizes almost the whole industry of the continent. As famous as she is, she was not happy with her life. Then when she was eighteen, her mother told her she was engaged to a boy... Will it all work out, or will it go down in the drain?

First Time

"Welcome to our house. Please do come in and make yourselves at home."

Standing at the doorway of an enormous mansion was a beautiful lady greeting her guests into her house. She was wearing an elegant summer dress that revealed her model-like features. Her gestures were very smooth and gentle.

The guests followed her into the large lobby. The area was brightly lit with a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. At the center of the lobby was a wide staircase that led to the second floor. Instead, the group turned right, into a waiting room. It was just a simply decorated room that included a table and a few chairs.

When the guests were seated, the lady asked, "What would I be able to serve you today, ma'am?"

"Some coffee would be great, thank you," replied the woman around the age of forty. She had on quite an amount of accessories matching up to her simple business-like outfit.

"And you, sir?" The lady turned to face a nineteen-year-old boy. He was standing tall and was wearing a suit and tie, and unlike his mother, was very plain indeed.

"Some tea will do," he replied scanning the girl from head to toe.

"As you wish. Please wait for a moment." The lady left the room, but still managed to overhear a few lines of her guests' conversation.

"She is such a polite, young lady. She'll be a great match."

"Mom, what are you talking about? She doesn't seem my type at all," replied the boy in a stuttering voice.

The girl laughed as she mixed the coffee and poured the tea. Then she dug into the cabinets to find the bowl of sugar and milk to accompany the drinks. When she went back, the conversation already ended.

"Here are the drinks. Please enjoy yourselves until Madam arrives." The girl gives a little grin.

"Alice! Did the guests arrive yet?" A shout came from the second floor.

The lady, Alice, walked out of the door to answer, "Yes they are, Madam. They are in the waiting room."

Then she turned back to face the woman and boy. "I shall take my leave." She gave a bow and went out of the door, but was stopped by the boy.

"Wait!" he shouted.

"Is there something else I could help you with?" Alice asked.

"Yes there is. Would you mind telling me why you keep on wearing a fake smile?"

"Oh, how rude!" The woman scolded her son. Then she looked at Alice and apologized. "Please excuse him for being so rude."

"Oh it's no problem at all. I am just rather surprised that he can see that my smile is a fake. This is the first time someone said that to me. And for the answer to the question, I am afraid I am unable to tell you."

"Alice, you may take your leave now." Another woman came in dressed really elegantly. She didn't look like she was in her forties at all. She was also decked in treasures, though not as abundant as her guest.

"Yes, Madam." Alice bows again and leaves the room.

He is the first to notice my smile. He is the first to be straightforward about it. She walked away with a smile. A "real" smile.

The End

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