Two Shots Can Change The World [Part 8] The End.

Charlie: Shut it, man! I’ll get the gang to come and teach you a lesson.

Peter: Try and do that! After this, “the gang” will be gone and so will you. Along with any other guys like you in this school. Because you’re going to regret, right now, every time you ever laid a hand on her.

(Two shots are fired from different directions.)

Narrator-Student: High school’s the game. Drama’s the name. Two shots fired and all hell breaks out. Two shots ringing loud and students are running, pushing, screaming … bleeding. Two shots fly from a gun and everything changes. Two shots kill one person.

(Final scene: Body is identified as Charlie Summers, quarterback of football team. He was shot in the head and the leg by two different hand guns at scene of crime. Suspect is Peter Trine, student at the scene of the crime who brought guns to school. Another student present: Rosaline Marie, not a suspect. School shooting: case opened.)


The End

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