Two Shots Can Change The World [Part 7]

Peter: I’ve been waiting for you long enough, Rosaline. I’ve been waiting since Eight Grade and it’s been three years! Three years, Rose! Three years without the one person I want to be with. You have no idea what that’s like. And then, Charlie! For god sakes! It’s Charlie! Knowing that I can’t be with you is one thing but watching him with you is another!

(Charlie rolls his eyes but he doesn’t matter much anymore. The focus is on Peter and Rosaline and the way he is declaring his love to her. With a gun pointed in her face.)

Rosaline: But Peter—

Peter: No, listen! Watching the way Charlie treats you is like torture. I would never do you like that.

Rosaline (defensive): And what exactly does Charlie do? I love him.

Peter (dark chuckle): Ha! Sure. Okay, say you love him. But you only love him when he’s not openly flirting with other girls around you. And you love him when he’s not hurting you. And you love him when he’s not trying to make you another baby-mama.

Charlie (interrupting): I’ve never got a girl pregnant.

Peter: Is that why you got your last girlfriend to get an abortion?!

Charlie: Where’d you hear that?!

Peter: Oh, all around Charlie. You see, I’ve been trying to figure you out since the beginning of school. But I’ve finally got it. You’re the type of guy who hits his girlfriends because he’s insecure. You’re the type of guy who’s an a*shole who just wants to get a*s. It helps that every single girl in school is throwing themselves at you too. But mostly, you’re the type of guy that I hate.

The End

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