Two Shots Can Change The World [Part 6]

Rosaline: So you did all of this just so you could prove Charlie’s … beating me?

Peter (angrily): I wanted to save you.

Rosaline (screaming in his face): WHY?! Why would you possibly want to save me?!

Narrator-Student: Secrets can’t always be kept.

(Peter sighs sadly, staring into Rosaline’s eyes. His voice comes out in a whisper, almost inaudible.)

Peter: Because … I love you. I always have and … I always will.

Rosaline (sobbing again): No, no. No! You can’t. You can’t! I’m with Charlie!

Peter: It wouldn’t matter for much longer.

Rosaline: Don’t you dare! I would hate you for the rest of your life.

Peter: Then answer one simple question. Do you love me?

Rosaline: That’s not exactly simple.

Peter: Answer it. Tell me.

(Rosaline looks on toward Charlie’s outraged expression. It frightens her. She lies, not looking either guy in the eye.)

Rosaline: No. I don’t … love you.

Peter: You liar!

(Peter places the gun on her cheek and she flinches, her whole body trembling.)

Peter: You’re lying to me because he is standing right there.

Rosaline: No! No! I swear!

Peter: My original plan was to kill him, but things can change.

Rosaline: Peter, please. Just wait two seconds.

The End

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