Two Shots Can Change The World [Part 2]

Peter: Come here for a second, Rosaline.

Rosaline: N-n-n-no.

(Peter walks quickly toward them, shoving Charlie out of the way. Charlie growls but doesn’t strike; Peter’s still got a gun. Peter reaches out toward Rosaline and she shakes her head quickly. He ignores that, grabbing her wrist.)

Peter: So what’s under these long sleeves, Rosaline?

Rosaline (hesitant): Trick question?

Peter: Why, of course not. I’ll just have to find out for myself.

(Peter pins Rosaline to the wall.)

Charlie: Get your hands off her, dude!

Peter: Oh shut up. I’m warning you once and then I’ll shoot ya ... dude.

(Peter rolls up Rosaline’s sleeve to reveal some bruises up and down her arm.)

Peter: Hm, wonder where this is from.

Rosaline: I … I fell.

Peter: You should work on your lying.

(Peter lets her go, looking toward Charlie with a grin.)

Peter: Wonder how that got there, don’t ya Charlie?

Charlie: Er yeah.

(Peter gets up into Charlie’s face, pushing the gun into his chest. Charlie cringes but not enough to show weakness.)

The End

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