Two Shots Can Change The World

About a school shooting that helps three students discover the truth. One about what's wrong, another about the lie she's been living and a third about what's been missing in his life but unattainable.

A one-act play I wrote for my Creative Writing class

[Part 1]

(One student enters as narrator.)

Narrator-Student: High school’s the game. Drama’s the name. Two shots fired and all hell breaks out. Two shots ringing loud and students are running, pushing, screaming … bleeding. Two shots fly from a gun and everything changes. The killer, a lanky teenage boy named Peter, heads to his destination, Room 369.

(Peter enters classroom with his backpack on shoulder. Inside, there are only two students. They were about to run out with the rest until Peter walked in. And it was the two people Peter was searching for: Charlie Summers, the jock, and Rosaline Marie, the most important girl in the world.)

Peter (calmly): Been looking for you guys.

Rosaline: Wha-why?

Peter: Just searching around for the people I wanted to find.

Charlie: Dude, put the gun down.

(Peter drops his backpack to the floor and points gun in Charlie’s face. Charlie starts to back away, bringing Rosaline with him against the farthest possible wall from Peter.)

Peter: Nope, nope, nope. Leaving here is no longer an option.

Charlie: Dude.

Peter: Don’t dude me one more time.

Rosaline: Peter, just calm down, okay?

Peter: Don’t tell me what to do, Rosaline. THIS is all about you!

Rosaline: Me?! Why?!

(Peter turns gun on Rosaline and Charlie immediately responds with a glare, standing in front of her to protect.)

Peter: Oh feisty are we? Don’t try to be the big man, Charlie. I know what you’ve been doing.

Charlie: Shut up, man! You’re just jealous.

Rosaline (asking Charlie): What are you talking about?

Peter: Oh so the big man’s maybe … not so big? Can’t even tell his “girlfriend” what he’s been doing. Then again, I guess she knows the half of it.

(Rosaline peeks around Charlie’s buff shoulder to stare at Peter with confusion.)

The End

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