Love and Lust

"No!" Lizabeth couldn't think of anything else to scream. Jack's heaving form was moving closer now, pistol outstreched. "Jack, get out of here, by God, leave! You don't know who you're up against!"

"So the famous Jack." Lucifer wrapped one hand around Lizabeth's waist and pulled her against him, her back against his chest. "Raised from three years old by this angry, rebellious young woman."

"I swear to God, if you lay a hand on her, I'll make your insides boil," Jack snarled, clicking the safety off the pistol. His eyes flickered to Lizabeth, and she nearly met his gaze, but glanced away.

"Believe me, boy, I could make yours do worse than that." Lucifer laughed, running his fingers through Lizabeth's dirty hair. "My love, you need to shower more."

Jack paused in his approach, looking at Lizabeth, then at Lucifer.

" know him?"

"I do," she answered. Anxiety began to gnaw at the pit of her stomach. If Jack asked her the dangerous question....

"Are you his lover?"

She didn't respond.

"She was. How 'bout I give you a little preview of how things used to be?"

Lucifer grabbed Lizabeth's forearm as she tried to turn away and pulled her back against him. He ran his nose along her neck, kissing her shoulders and collar bone.

"Too bad you aren't a woman, boy," he snickered, as Lizabeth fought against his advances. "I could make you feel things you've never felt before."

A shot rang out. Lizabeth heard a thud and turned. It had struck Lucifer's shoulder. Blood oozed down his arm and seeped onto her dress.

"You forget," the demon snarled, "who I am."

The bullet popped back out again, and the skin around the wound started to creep out slowly, covering the hole. The blood was all that remained of the injury.

"Now to finish the boy--"

"Hear me," Lizabeth cried, throwing herself in front of Lucifer's outstretched arm. "I will not stand by as you commit these crimes--killing innocent people as you have been for centuries! You know who I am, Lucifer, and that's why you took me for your mistress a hundred years ago. Do not forget that."

He grabbed her arm, stared her in the eye, and said, between his teeth, "You have won for the moment, Lizabeth. But I am not done with you. You may think you are free, but you are still mine."

In a flash of feathers, he was gone.

She stood, staring into the dark, her heart sinking inside her. Her hands trembled. Lucifer meant to end this world, just as he had said a hundred years ago when he left. Starting with the afflicted.

"It was kind of you to come back for me."

"I've known yah since I was a babe. No choice."

She whirled around. "Listen, Jack, don't come near me anymore. Lucifer will kill you. Hide somewhere--go deep underground. Don't tell anyone. Wait there for a few months until things settle."

"Don't be a fool. I've obligations to attend to here. I'm the guardian of the whole underground. I can't just abandon it."

"Jack, there might not be an underground soon if Lucifer gets what he wants."

"Very well. You go on. I'll wait here. Be fast. And then you can tell me what all this is about."

Lizabeth smiled thinly and removed the first gun from her pocket before stepping off into the musty darkness of the tomb.

The End

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