Two Peole, One World

It all started on an early April spring day. The birds were singing, flowers were in full bloom showing their magnificent colors, and people walked carelessly under the warmth of the sun. One Man and One Woman whom have never crossed paths in the journey of life before somehow have an inner-twined destiny or fate.

One Man and One Woman live completely different and separate lives, but it’s this difference and separation that brings them ever so closer and builds an unbreakable bond. How is this possible? Some may say divine intervention, some may say destiny or fate, and ultimately it’s up to you to decide. 

This One Man's and One Woman's lives finally meet in the middle of the crossroads of life. Up until then they walked down separate solo paths. When they came face to face they knew that instant they have been missing something in each one of their lives. Each other. They finally feel like their lives are complete now. 

Now One Man and One Woman walk together on a beautiful newly created path through the newly created life of one. One Man and One Woman become One World. They are inseparable. One Man and One Woman are the true definition of love. They show their undying allegiance to each other each and every day. 

Together forever One Man and One Woman live endlessly happy lives. They cherish and love each other unconditionally and for all to see. One Man and One Woman are not a fairy tale. They truly exist. If you can find good and happiness through all the dark and bad in life you have found a treasure no one can take from you. One Man and One Woman Forever....

© 2009 One Man

The End

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