“ Of course she agreed to tell me. Well I helped her to agree” Carried on the White queen “White queen I shall tell you but you must not breathe a word to the ears of people who do not Need to hear. Well when I was younger my mother died giving birth to me. So my family blamed me for her death. I would try to be a good daughter and always longed to be loved. But it did not come. I would run into the woods hoping one day they might come looking for me. They never did.


One day when I ran away Cheshire found me and called me his little Alice and told me not to cry. He was nice to me no-one was nice to me before. He offered me a kingdom full of people who would loved me. So I accepted but after a while I didn't want to leave and feared if I grew old I would have to leave here. I also liked the Red queen she taught me not to favour weak people that I had to kill whoever went against me. I find it quite nice to watch them die.”


I gasped I felt sorry for the Isabella she has had horrible child hood but the monster she is tuning into is not acceptable. I would not sit back and let her destroy this place. Theses people were kind and gentle and didn't deserve to die.


“Hatter dear how do I save this world” I asked him Softly, from being interested in the white Queens story. He looked solemn. He sighed and took his had off ruffling his hair.


“The only way is to duel her to the death” He said looking away.


I gasped covering my mouth with my hand. They wanted me to kill her, it felt wrong to think of even doing such a crime, But I guessed on some sense I had to all the deaths she had caused of will cause was a crime in it's self if I let it carry on.


I rested my hand on top of the hatters “Yes I will duel your royal Alice. But I do not know how to duel. I am sure it is quite different here than it is in my world” I smiled wearily at him. He looked up at me grinning like a mad Man he was.


“Oh Melody you have much to learn Much to learn” He beamed pulling me out of my chair. walked into another room. It was a lot more plane that the other room. On one side there's was a rack of Swords. I stared at them. I had never held nor seen a sword so close up in my entire life.


I walked up to the rack and picked up one that cached my eye. It was a median length. The blade curved, it was slim and look razor sharp. The handle was silver the it had black swirls going down one side of the handle that matched the case.


“My Melody you are the new Alice” He breathed “That sword you hold I created for Alice her self to destroy the Jaberwoky” I stared down at the sword. I could this I can do this. I just hope I did not disappoint them when they realise I am not the right Alice.

The End

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