Visitor in white ?Mature

We made our way down the stairs, it was strange, door and windows hung any where and every where on the walls. "They all lead to different rooms. Though I never know where its always a surprise" Mused the Hatter I guess he was proud of his Door collection.

We made it to what you would call the living room, though I was concetrating on hiding behind the hatter, I didnt know who my visitor was it could be Isabella or the Scarlot Knights. I was nervous but that hatter seemed cheerful. "Hatter you said you had the New Alice I cannot see her, it is not nice too fool people" The voice was light and soothing to hear and sounded nothing like the Isabeela or the Knights.

I carefully peered round the Hatter. there perched on a stood was an elegant lady wering a white dress, white hair, her lips were a deep red with Crystal blue eyes. She smiled at me sweetly. and jestured with her hand for me to come to her.

Before I realised what I was doing I kneeled beside her looking up into her Big blue eyes, I felt like I sinking into a deep ocean. but the Hatters voice snapped her out of it. "White Queen dont do that to her, let her trust you willingly like I do" Hatter said sternly grabbing me upper arm and pulling me by his side. Never did he meet my gaze "Melody this is the White Queen she has come to help you" he said moresoftl to me letting go of my arm.

He looked down at my arm "Melody you shold of said I was hurting you arm, Ill go get some things to treat it, now be Nice Melody is more Alice like then the unAlice got that" With that he walked out of the room

I warily walked up to her and sat infront of her. "You have made quite the Impression on the Hatter I am Impressed he you must be the New Alice" she said sweetly.

"What do you mean?" I questioned her, she sighed and ran her hand though her silky hair.

"Since Alice Liddell Left us for the last time so long ago, the Hatter changed he stopped making Hats, Making Tea or Bakng cakes. He was not mad no Far worse he was sensabile he did not joke. But since he found you he getting normal again. The way he looks at you Melody. In a longing way, he wants to know you, you make him excite him. That is how we know you are Thee only Alice who can save us"  I was shocked by what she said, could it be true. I could not imagne the hatter being sad, it wasnt him.

" I know Im not the right Alice but The Hatter is a good man and they she treated him, his hat was wrong and mean. I will not stand back and let him be treated like that" I spoke clearly maing sure I did not sound like a child.

I heard clapping behind me, I turned around to see the Hatter grinning "Alice yes you are Alice you have your Muchness back, Now lets fix that arm up for you" Grinned the hatter, that smile the only smile that can me want to smile too.

The End

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