Scarlet knight ?Mature

I tried to stay still but it was very hard,Ipeered from behind the Caterpillar to see what they looked like. it was a very wierd creature. I looked looked like a dog but. it was bigger, there were black. But they eyes shone red.

"Where is she, We have to find her" The first one growled

"Dont blame me I told you to she wasnt here I said check the Hatters house you know he has been spying on human world waiting for Alice" The secand shot back.

"I checked there those Mad people are having a tea party and only tell me about the Riddle Lets go back to the Castle" With they turned away. I sighed with relife I wanted to go home, home to safety.

"Can you help me get home?" I whispered

"Dear Melody where is home ? with your mother? or your Grandma? or with with Hatter?" he questioned me, I didnt know how to awsner.

"Melody, you can only leave once you figure out where your home is"

"But I do know where my home it is with my grandma's house there is no oter home" I stated back hoping it was true.

But he began to dissapear in the smoke "If you belive so new Alice you will do fine" I tried to find my through the smoke, and ended up out side the Hatters house again.

He stood up at the Table "Melody Hide you have to hide! She knows your here" He ran over to me. he grabbed my wrist but I cried out in pain, so he picked me up and put me over his shoulder and ran into his house. He ran straight up his stairs and into his bedroom and set me down on his bed.

"Hide Melodys she here. Isabella has come for a new hat you cannot be seen ok?" The hatter seemed Frightened for my well fare so I nodded.  I got up and hid in his Warbdrbe when he lfet the room. Trying to steady my breathing.

If Theres a God out There Please help me!

The End

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