I was slightly off ease around the Cheshire cat his Purple seemed to pierce into my very soul "I am little out of sorts, being in such a crazy place" I said truthfully rubbing my aching wrist.

The cheshire cat looked slightly amused "Do come in Melody we have much to talk about I nodded and followed him in to his house, there were odd things all around, chairs and table that did not match,

"Do you know, you are accepting Wonderland a lot more than Alice did ? she always thought this place was a dream a place she had created to be her safe place. Well that what wonderland is its place to escape to when reality is to harsh" The cheshire gazed at me as if I was most intresting thing he had ever laid eyes on,

"It is strange for a Lady of you age to be able to wonder into our world, but you are the new Alice the and the only Alice to save us" His looked lost in his own thought.

"Cheshire what happened? what did you do" I asked wary of him he could anything, I was here alone.

"I did nothing wrong" He snapped " Alice had left us again. After a while I lost hope of her returning. Slowly I became nothing. I went away and watched her grow up. The I found her. a girl weeping wishing she had some where to belong. People to adore her. So brought her here" He face grew grazed. He was Ashamed by his choice.

"I thought she was the next Alice someone to bring me joy again. I was wrong, she was evil. As soon as she came she cause Chaos. Killing people who did not agree, draining the life out of this place so she did not get old"

I stared at him in horrow I looked around Every did seem dull. there wan no music on thr air. and it seemed slightly cold. I looked at him.

"And you aspect me to save this world" I whispered looking at the floor.

"Melody you are the right Alice, you are so muc stronger than ther first so much more pure than the secand. I should have waited for you. You and only you can save us" The cheshire pleaded with me.

I stood up shaking my head backing away to the door"No this isnt happening I will wake up and I will be at home and my mother will be there saying everything is ok. I will stroke my kitten and she nibble my fingers, and I will tell her off then gver her warm milk" I said verging onto on screaming

"Im sorry Alice but you need to accept the truth" He said appracing me

I grasped the door handle " Im sorry but I cant" With that I ran out of the house, and into the trees I loved the feeling of widn wipping past me. Where was I going to go? who could I turn too? I was afraid. I want strong enough to save this world.

It seemed I was running for a long time, when I finnally stopped. I sat down leaning against a tree. It was getting dark. I felt eyes watching me I did not feel safe. at the corner of m eye I sore something move, I stood up and turned around but it had gone. Then again at my other side When I turned around Nothing was in sight.

"Hello ? Whoose there I order to show your-self" My voice was weak, as I was getting tired.

The End

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