Cheshier cat ?Mature

The Mad Hatter pulled the chair out for me to to sit down on, and looked warily round the table theses characters were not like the ones in the story I onced loved.

The mad March hare looked human he had messy blonde hair that stook out every where, he had stubble on his chin. He wore a brown swayed suit with a dark blue cravate. His eyes were a cold blue ocean. Yes he looked human apart from the Rabbit eyes on top of his head that kept twiching.

Then there was the doremouse, He had light brown messy hair from sleeping, he wore. a white shirt with pale blue stripes and a few button undone with a simple black suit. he was younger than the Hatter so he had a more boyish charm to him. His Dark brown eyes were half hidden by his drooping eyes lids and long dark eye lashes. He like March Hare had animals but out a mouse. Behind him swighing slightly was a long tail.

"Why arnt you Animals like the book said you were" I blurted before I could control my-self. I put my hand over my mouth blushing looked away from them.

"Rude child I tell you Rude child. We are animals but We prefur this form much more practical dont you agree Door Mouse" Chimed the Hare.

"Pratical yes Pratical" Agreed the Door mouse.

The hatter clapped his hands to draw out attention "Back to the story of the Cheshier is you please. It is a story I do apolgise for as it is not so nice to listen too. Oh how it must be told, before we have our Tea. When our beloved Alie left us for the secand time. The cheshire was not him self, no not at all He stopped smiling for one thing. Stopped playing silly jokes around wonderland. The he vanishes with out a trace. We search High and low for him but there is no sighn of him. One day he returns looking sadder then any Cheshire cat should be. That day an evil takes over much more vicious than the Red Queen. I belive Cheshire cat lead it here and he has not come out of his house. Demanding we bring a 'New Alice here' So Melody Tea?"

I stared blankly ahead this must be a dream this must be a dream. But it felt so real everthing from the smell, the touch, sight  and hearing all my senses were screaming to me this is real. But why did I want to deny with feeling of belonging ?

"Yes please hatter Cream, one sugar" I said politly and watched as the steaming tea was poured into my cup. The sweet smell of fresh tea hit me, it made my mouth water waiting for the lush, warm lush texture to meet my waiting mouth. and it tasted just a good as it smelled not to hot nor not too cold.

"How is your tea hmm? I made it just right always make to two degrees over the room tempereature is is not too hot. Just the way I like now try the cake you will like it" He grinned like a Mad man as he passed me plate with a slice of cake on it. I dug in straight away. The sweet cream cake melted on my tongue it was devine the best cake I have ever eaten.

"Why were you living in Alices house hmm" Questioned The hare ignoring the Glares come from the Hatter.

"My parents killed in a car crash. I had no other relatives apart from my Grandma. I was sent to live with her. Then I met the Hatter and he dragged me here" I said softly. Holding back the tears.

"You dont seem so fond of your Grandmother?" Yawned The Door mouse.

"I dont know her, she is old fashioned and doesnt seem intrested in me. I dont belong there my family is dead" I said one tear escaped I went to brush it away but someone beat me to it. My head was tilted up too meet The Mad Hatters eyes.

"You are welcomed here Melody even if you are not Alice, no I think you fit in fine here" He said grinning at me.

I took a deep breathe "Thank you, Can you take me to the Cheshire cat, I thinks its about time I spoke to some one who isnt barking mad" I said smiling.

"Well Mrs Summer, "we are all Mad here" Of course !" Beamed the Hatter with joy.

"its Miss summer to you I am not married" I stated "Now lets go"

The End

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