Stranger in a top hatMature

I woke finding that I had been moved into my new bed, I sighed looking around the hoping that everything that had happened was a dream. But the dress made me realise that it wasnt.

I heard taps at the window, at first I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, I slowly made my way to the window, well doors to the balcany I stepped out. The crisp air blowing against my skin, leaving goose bumps in its tracks.

"Alice, Alice are you there" I heard a voice below I looked down and saw a man stanind beneath my window. It was a man judgin from the voice and hieght but it was too dark to see in detial.

"Im sorry Sir but there is not a Alice here" I said in return, Then moaned, and fell back on the grass I gasped, he must be hurt is the fisrt thoughts of mine, I ran out of my room, silently crepts down the stairs lukily the house was well kept so no-one heard.

I found my way to the back garden and found the strange man still lying on the floor. I could see him propely he was a very tall man, he a long red coat, purple waist coat, a white shirt, and red tie, with matching red pants to his coat. He wore a black top hat with a red ribbon roud. it He had long black hair. What he wore was so strange yet it suited him.

I kneeled down next to him, putting my hand on his shoulder"Sir are you ok ? its cold outside, come one inside and we can talk about what is going on" I whispered trying to comfort him.

He shot up facing me within a secand his eyes scanning my face "Young lady you do not know yet you invite me into your house" His voice was amused his eyes were a vibrant green that I couldnt look away from.

"Well Sir I doubt you would do anything to me as your were just moaning on my garden, May I know your name?" I said making sure I spoke politely to him.

"My friends call me the Mad hatter" He said smiling and put out his hand, I put mine is his, my hand seemed to fragile and smile in his.

"Melody Sumer" I said smiling just as big at him. We both got up and walked silently into the house, I put my finger to my lip telling to stay quiet and he nodded.  We walked silently back to my room. and there on the table was a tray with tea set out for two. We both sat down and I poured the tea out.

"So Hatter why are you here and who is this is alice"  I asked not looking up from pouring the tea.

"I am here because I got bored and wanted to invite Alice to a tea party, Alice Liddell is a little girl who came to wonderland a while ago and inturepted my non birthday tea part" I dropped my tea cup, my face drained to white.

Of couse the strange clothes, the Top hat his name and Alice but now it cant be true it was a stroy nothing but a story.

"Melody are you ok?" I finnaly looked up at him worry was in his eyes.

"Im sorry Hatter but Wonderland is a story a little girl worled she created, that story was written over a 100 years ago. Alice lidell is dead. I guess you can say Im her grandaughter" I said Pain was written across his face. He dropped his head into his hands and sobbed out loud.

"Why is time different here than wonderland?" He kept moaning, I got up slowly I patted his shoulder, He pulled me onto his lap and hugged me close to him. I gasped and blushed. I had never been held so close to a Man before but let him.

"Its ok Hatter if you want I will come to your tea party" I siad softly, his head shot up looking in the eyes smiling again.

"Well come on then fetch a cloak and we will be on our way" He said jumping up putting his hands on wait to steady me. I blushed ran into my room. What have I got my-self into I grabbed a long black read cloak it had a blue jewel that held it round my neck and a large hood that I kept down. I came out he was tapping his foot.

I walked over to himm he grabbed my hand "Come on everyone is waiting" we pulled  down the stairs and into the cool night air. We went back in to the garden. At the edge of the trees there was a giant Hole.

"Come alice" Hatter sounded slightly anoyed, I didnt move I was scared Jumping down a hole he must be mad ! He picked me up ove his shoulder I shrieked as well jumped down the hole.

The End

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