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We stopped out side a room and she motioned for me to open the door as I did, I gasped this was not a bedroom it looked more like an apartment. I walked in the to room the walls were cream, there was a a leather couch with a coffee table, on the on the left was a large book shelf. And other was a set of drawers, and several doors. “Miss Summer I will you to settle in” I tuned and smiled at her. “Thank you” She smiled broadened as this was the first time I spoke since I arrived. And she close the door behind me The was tree doors and I went to the closest one. I opened it the room had a large table in the middle on the wall were draws and I opened them they were filled with art equipments and material. I smiled I guess this was my grandmothers way to tell me she cared.

I went into another room and it came to a simple dining room I guess this is where I would be eating from now on. I the last room was my bedroom it had four poster bed in the middle and large wardrobe and Chester draws. The was a large window that went to the floor I went over and realised the were glass door opening to balcony I opened them and breeze hit me the view of the garden was breathe taking. And for some reason I became very tired. I tuned a door faced me as I was to find out it was a bathroom it was very nice white, with a black sink and bath which was already full. I guessed this was Lillian's doing and made a not to thank her later.

I stepped out of my clothes and into a warm bath I sighed I felt groggy from the flight I quickly washed knowing some food was being sent up for me. I got out of bath a warped a towel around me. And stared at me reflection. A petite slim figure, With wide blue eyes, high cheek bones and full lips. My brown hair came to my waist. And I looked slightly paler than usual I walked out of the bathroom, And remembered I should wear dresses I sighed it wasn't normally the clothes I would choose but my grandmother had taken me in it was best to follow the rules.

I opened the wardrobe and picked out the first dress I was it a black bodice style dress with a skirt that came to my knees. It looked amazing I put it on and it fit me perfectly. It hugged my curves perfectly it also red pin stripped so I went into my new craft room and got a red ribbon and roe it as a head band. Much better.

I heard a knock at the door and heard someone enter I came out of my bedroom after just drying my hair and it was Lillian with a tray of food, there was a bowl of soup and thickly cut bread. With a pot of tea, cream and sugar. My stomach made a embarrassing sound I sore the food and sent Lillian into fit of laughter. “My miss Summer you are a hungry one” I blushed deeply and followed to the dining room. I sat down in front of the tray and. Straight away I started to dig into my food, the flavour soup was chicken it was the best soup I had had the pleasure to to eat The bread so just as nice as it seemed to melt on my tongue. By the time I had finished I felt drowsy.

The End

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