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100 years later after Alice Liddel goes to Wonderland a young girl moves into tthe home Aice grew up in. What if the Mad Hatter returns looking for Alice but finds 17 year Old Melody instead what will happen ?


I was driving down the drive to my new home, well when I say home it looked more like a mansion. I have just moved to England my parents died in a car crash, and as a only child I was shipped to the nearest family available. My grand mother I never knew her guess this was a chance to meet new relatives. The house was an old Victorian building up the left hand side Ivory entwined up in the brick work. In the middle of the drive was a large circle of water and in the middle of that was a fountain,it was shaped into a Rabbit I could just make it was wearing a jacket, how strange Rabbits do not wear clothes. Yet this was not America and I was not accustom with there cultures.


The driver which picked me up stopped the car and a man was waiting to open my door as he did I saw he was he was about mid 30' short brown hair and was wearing a suit. I got out of the car nearly tripping but a young girl caught my arm I blushed and she giggle before she could control her-self.

The Man cleared his throat and she went silent " Miss Summer My name is Jonathan and I am the butler and the girl to your right it Lillian she is now your personal Maid" I looked at her she was a taller than me, yet a lot of people are when your only 5 foot she had glossy black hair which was in a bun and wore a long black dress with a apron.


She bowed "please to meet Miss Summer" as she did so Jonathan got my suitcases and Lillian linked me helping me walk so I didn't trip I guess my Grandmother heard how clumsy I was. We walked up the steps to grand entrance. The door was made out dark oak wood that had faded in colour over the years. The wood had a swirl design that at one time would had stood out and captured your attention. Lillian opened the door and gestured with the flick of her hand for me to enter. As I walked in I had never seen a house so beautiful. A large chandelier was hanging from the roof each individual peace of glass on it seemed to sparkle in the light and sent multicoloured beams of light onto the walls. The floor was coated in a deep red carpet that your feet seemed to sink into when you walked on it. A large stair case was in the centre of the entrance, The banister seemed to made of same type of wood as te front door, however it was taken better care of. On the ends of each Pillar, two hearts were carved that gleamed in the light. I could  smell home cooking in the air that me me realise how hungry I was. The temperature of the house was just right, not to cold that makes you shiver. Or not to hot that make you uncomfortable. Maybe it wasn't going to be so bad here.

We stopped walking at the foot of the stair and automatically I looked up I saw an elegant lady walking slowing down the stairs. Her hair was neatly up and with a few grey stands of curly hair framing her face, She had Bright blue eyes that seemed to have dulled with age. She wore a long teal dress. “You have arrived it is good your are on time, it is not clever to be late” her voice was soothing, and for one I was glad I was home schooled so I didn't pick up the American accent so that helped me feel like I fit in here more “Your things have been taken to you new room Lillian will show you, You may eat your meals in your room until I feel you have settled well here” the sense of relief washed over me glad I could go to my new room and didn't have to come out. She came to me and gently hugged me before heading round a corner.

Lillian gently took my arm again and walked up the stairs “Now Milady seems harsh but she is very nice, she has bought you some things for you to feel more at home here for example some new materials and sewing equipments and art supplies have been arranged in your room. Also she is slightly old fashioned so it would be best for you to wear dresses that I have picked out for you” I nodded and listened carefully, Lillian was very motherly and she had a warm smile that lit her whole face.

The End

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