Chapter 6Mature

-Chapter 6-  

       Dean was pacing around the room, calling Ace’s phone a million times a minute.

“Are you sure, Sammy?” Dean asked with all urgency.

“I wouldn’t make something like this up, Dean.” He answered simply.

“Look around, Sam. There’s gotta be something around here that will tell us where she went.” Dean said as he began to tear through the drawers next to the bed.  The boys searched for any kind a clue, until Sam scrounged up a piece of paper in the garbage can with an address on it.  

“It’s our only lead, Dean. We gotta go.” Sam said. 

        The boys rushed to the Impala, and followed the road to the address. When they reached their destination they saw Ace’s car parked in front of a light blue house with a classic white picket fence. There was an unknown car parked behind it. The boys burst out the car, past the fence, and to the front door. Sam knocked and in just a few minutes a little girl about the age of five answered the door.

“Mommy, there are strange men at the door!” the little girl cried out.  A woman quickly appeared with an infant on her hip. She only looked to be in her early thirties.

“Can I help you gentlemen?’ The woman asked.

“Is, Ace…I mean Alyssa here?” Sam asked the woman. The infant began to cry.

“Yea, come on in. Sorry what’re your names?”

“I’m Dean, this is my brother Sam.” Dean introduced.

“He’s your brother….interesting.” The woman moved aside and welcomed in Sam and Dean. She pointed down the hallway that seemed to lead to the family room. 

      The woman went upstairs to put the infant down for a nap. The brothers followed the voices that came from farther down the hallway. They reached the opening where they saw Ace reading a story to another child and Knowles was sitting in the kitchen across the hall with a beer. The boys scoffed and the child became stiff at the strangers looking at his “friend”. The pointed and Ace turned to see Sam and Dean looking quite confused.  Ace put the boy on the couch and told him to continue reading. She pulled the brothers into the study to talk.

“What the hell are you two doing here? Did you follow me?” Ace asked. She folded her arms across her chest. Sam was thinking of how to answer her questions. Dean was wondering why he was so turned on by her being angry. “WELL?” Ace asked a little louder.

“You need to get everyone out of this house.” Dean ordered.

“Excuse me? Do either of you want to tell me what’s going on?” Ace asked again with a hint of irritability in her voice.

“There’s no time to explain, you just….” Sam said, but was interrupted by a small voice in the doorway.

“What’s wrong, Declan?” Ace asked the little boy.

“I went pee pee.” The little boy said looking down at his soaking wet pants. Ace sighed and took the boy and led him upstairs. Sam looked at him.

       They knew what they needed to do. They walked out of the study. It didn’t take a lot to get a drunken Knowles out of the house. Sam helped him safely into the Impala. Now the focus was on getting Ace and the kids out of the house. As the boys rushed upstairs to get the kids they saw Ace rushing to the bathroom with Declan. The door to the nursery was closed. Sam and Dean debated whether to go in or not. Ace rushed past them and opened the door to the nursery and went to help the mother change the baby.  Ace rushed past them again, but Dean stopped her.

“How do you know this family?”

“I knew her by my social worker when I was little. That’s her niece, Maria.” Ace explained moving once again past the brothers and putting Declan down for a nap.  Ace walked back into the nursery and the door closed behind her. The doorknob jiggled slowly at first then it jiggle furiously.

“Sam…Dean…are one of you against the door? What the hell?” Ace screamed in alarm. She screamed and in an instant Dean and Sam began throwing themselves against the door to bust it open.

       Ace continued to scream, but this time is was Maria’s name she was yelling. She screamed for the baby.

“What’s going on in there, Ace?” Sam yelled through the door.

“Maria’s on the god damn ceiling!” Ace yelled back.

       Sam and Dean ran to the Impala to grab mini axes to try to break down the door again. As they ran back up the walkway flames burst through the windows of the nursery. Dean ran faster than he ever knew possible. The boys reached the upstairs to find the door blown off and Ace lying on the floor, blood flowing from her head and Declan staring down at her. Sam grabbed the boy and Dean went for the nursery. As Ace had said, Maria was on the ceiling and the crib was on fire. Both were dead for sure. As the flames spread, Dean picked up Ace and he and Sam fled down the staircase. Sam put Declan in the back with Knowles; Dean sat in the passenger seat with an unconscious Ace in his lap. Sam called 911 as he drove them to the hospital. 

       When they reached this hospital the 911 call had gotten to the house and put out the flames, but Maria and the baby were long gone by that time. The EMT’s took Ace from Dean and gave her an air mask and declared that she’d need to be in the ICU. Nurses escorted the boys to the waiting room. Dean watched helplessly as they wheeled Ace away into the ICU: Burn Unit. Sam called Bobby and he arrived in less than fifteen minutes.

-Hours Later-

       Sam and Declan were asleep on the waiting room couch. Dean had called Knowles a cab so he was someone else’s problem now. Bobby was trying to get Dean to calm down, but he was too preoccupied to think. The only thing on his mind was Ace. They were all pretty worried.

        The doctor came out from behind the double doors and greeted the Bobby and Dean with a small smile.
“So what’s going on, doc?’ Dean asked him.

“I am Dr. Marleigh. Alyssa is…fighting.  She practically suffocated in that room. Her burns are only first degree. Her head however, is in the worst condition. You two told the EMT’s she was thrown across the hall from the blast?” Dr. Marleigh asked. Dean tried to keep a straight face with the doctor’s name. He took a few deep breathes to contain himself.

“Yea, she was and she hit her head against the wall and then on the floor. Why…what happened?” Dean gulped. The doctor was skipping around the bad part that much Dean could tell and by the looks of it, Bobby could too.

The End

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