Chapter 5Mature

-Chapter 5-

       Dean abruptly stood up from the table, grabbed his jacket and went into his room. Sam, Bobby and Ace just stared at each other, not knowing what to do. Sam took initiative and went to talk to him. He walked down the hallway and opened the door. Dean sat on the bed with his head in his hands.

“Talk to me, Dean.” Sam said as he leaned against the wall.

“I’m not sure whether to be pissed off or worried, Sam.” Dean explained. “If she follows this case, it could kill her. He attacked another family remember?”

“I know, Dean, but we can’t just keep her here. She said it herself. She’s been following this case for months.” Sam argued.

“We can’t just let her walk into a death trap.” Dean rebutted.

“I know, but we can’t make that choice for her.” Sam said with a heavy heart. The heart felt talk was interrupted by a light knock on the door.

“I’m heading out, boys. I gotta go in the morning.” Aces said. Dean didn’t say a word. Sam looked at him begging him to walk her to the door. He still didn’t move. Sam sighed and walked her to the door himself.

       Bobby had gone to bed and it was just Sam and Ace on the porch, waiting for the other to say something.

“He doesn’t let people so close, does he?” Ace asked Sam quietly.

“I guess. He cares, just hard for him to show it sometimes.” Sam explained. “He doesn’t want you to leave, you know.”

“He has to tell me that himself, Sam. I’ve been chasing this thing for months. I can’t just stop because you two think it might kill me. With what we do anything could kill us.” Ace argued. Sam knew she was right.

“Just give him a chance.” Sam begged.

“He’s got till tomorrow morning.  This is where I’m staying.” Ace said. She took out a pen and wrote the address on Sam’s hand and left. That was that.

       Sam went back into the house back into the and back to Dean’s room. He shut the door loud enough to get Dean’s attention. He wrote the address on a piece of paper and gave it to Dean. He was reluctant to go. He thought there wasn’t a chance in hell she’d listen to him, but he went anyway.

-Twenty Minutes Later-

       Ace woke up the sound of a hard knock on the motel door. With a grudge, she opened the door, to find Dean standing there, like a lost puppy with a piece of paper in his hand. She moved aside and Dean walked into the room. Neither of them said a word. Ace leaned against the door, waiting for Dean to say something. She walked over to Dean and cupped his face between her hands. He slid his hands down the sides of her body and pulled her closer. There was no space between them. Dean leaned in for a kiss, but Ace put up her hand.

“Tell me you want me to stay, Dean.” Ace whispered. Dean’s hands dropped. Ace looked into his eyes and her hands dropped too. “Fine.” She finished. She pulled completely away and folded her arms. She nodded towards the door. Dean walked out into the rain and got into his car. Ace watched sadly from her doorway as Dean turned on the Impala’s engine.

     As she began to walk back inside the engine cut off. She froze I her tracks as she heard a car door slam shut. She turned around and saw Dean standing soaking wet in the rain. She walked out into the rain, barefoot and all and stood in front of him. Once again, Dean pulled her closer and held her face in his hands.

“Stay.” That was all he said until his lips met hers. The rain drops pierced Ace’s and Dean’s skin, but they didn’t seem to mind. Dean turned Ace around and pressed her body against the Impala. Their heart rates sped up along with the intensity and passion. Ace pushed off Dean’s jacket onto the wet ground and moaned in pleasure as he kissed her neck. She moved his face back to her and they continued to kiss. Dean opened the Impala’s back door and slid inside. Once inside, there was no stopping them. Ace pulled Dean onto her and gripped his back as he pumped and pumped. The passion stayed ignited until it they both passed out from exhaustion.

-The Next Morning-

       Dean woke with Ace still sleeping on top of him. All he did was smile. It was the biggest smile he’d had on his face in a while. He brushed Ace’s hair from her face and kissed her forehead. She smiled in her sleep and shifted her body between Dean’s legs. She opened her hazel eyes and looked at Dean. He traced his fingers along her spine. She giggled as he reached her lower back, being that it was sort of ticklish. Ace looked out the window and instantly covered her chest with Dean’s jacket. Dean shot up and looked behind him to see Sam covering his eyes. He grinned and rolled down the window.

“Well meet you in the room.” Dean said. Sam nodded and walked quickly back to Ace’s room. Ace sighed and laughed. Dean grabbed her hips and she dropped the shirt and they went back at it, before her cell phone rang.  She groaned and sat back up and answered her phone.  Dean hoisted her up and continued to kiss her neck and chest. She wrapped her legs around Dean’s waist and pulled herself closer and kissed his cheek.

“Sam, says we should come inside because people are wondering why the car is shaking.” Ace laughed as she closed the phone. Dean laughed and they both got dressed and went inside the room.

      As Dean and Ace walked in through the door they were glowing, but Sam didn’t seem to notice. He was pacing around the room ruffling his hair out of frustration. Ace tapped Sam’s shoulder out of concern and he just hugged her out of nowhere. Sam looked Ace in the eyes. She looked into his brown eyes all she could see was worry. She turned around to look at Dean and he too looked concerned.

“What’s going on, Sammy?” Dean asked.

“You’re lead was wrong, Ace. That demon you’re hunting…is here…in town.” Sam answered.  Ace’s eyes went wide.

“How do you know that?” Ace asked Sam.

“I….umm…had a vision.” Sam admitted quietly. Ace’s eyes got wider, as did Dean’s. Sam hadn’t had visions in months.

“Is this a joke? You had a “vision”?” Ace asked sarcastically.

“He hasn’t had one in months…” Dean commented.

“Are you two fucking serious right now?” Ace asked again.

“Ace…” Sam started, but he was interrupted by Ace’s cell ringing.  She wanted to leave it alone, so she just ignored it, but the caller was persistent.

“You should get that.” Dean said. Ace sighed and answered the phone.  She nodded her head in agreement to whatever the person on the line was saying.

“I gotta go, boys. I’m meeting a friend. I’ll meet you two at Bobby’s later.” Ace grabbed her gun and stuffed it inside her jacket.

“Who are you meeting?” Sam asked.

“I’m meeting my friend Tom. He’s in this case with me.” She said grabbing her duffel bag. Both Dean and Sam remembered meeting Mr. Knowles…the douche from the bar, but before the brothers could protest, Ace was already out the door, in her car, and pulling onto the road.

       Sam and Dean sat on the bed and sighed. They needed to figure out what exactly was going on. Sam gripped his head as it throbbed I pain. He fell to the floor and Dean rushed over. The motel door flew off its hinges with some unknown force. Dean stared at Sam, not knowing how to help him. Sam came to and looked Dean dead in the eyes.

“You need to call Ace.” Sam said quietly. Dean quickly grabbed his cell phone and dialed the number.

The End

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