Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4 of TMLL-

       Dean stepped out of his bedroom and made his way towards the kitchen. He was happily greeted by a hung over Sam and a good morning nod by Bobby. Dean grabbed his own cup of coffee and sat between Bobby and Sam. Dean felt Bobby’s eyes digging into his shoulder so he asked him what the hell was wrong. To answer his question Bobby hit him in the back of the head and then continued to gulp down his coffee.  Dean got his point and went guiltily back to his room.  Sam just looked bloody confused.

 -Twenty minutes later-

       Sam went to the local grocery store to get some slightly healthier food for everyone and it was just Bobby, Ace, and Dean in the house. The trio sat at the kitchen table silently wishing someone would say something.

“You two have something you want to share?” Bobby asked lightly. Ace shook her head and to avoid more questioning she escaped to her car to do a “gun check”.  Dean was the only one left to interrogate.

“So you know huh?” Dean asked. He was almost embarrassed.

“I knew it’d happen sooner or later. You kids are too much alike, but Dean, you better watch it.” Bobby warned. “That kid,” Bobby started pointing towards the front door, “has been through way too much. Take her on a date, whatever you kids do these days.”

“What? Bobby, I haven’t been on a date in a long time. I’m a little rusty.” Dean argued.

“Just watch it, boy. Don’t break her heart or anything like that.” Bobby warned again before he stalked outside for air. Dean stared down at the table…dumbfounded. Now he had to take Ace on a date. As Dean began thinking up ideas, Ace crept back into the house. Dean turned and smiled nervously.

“Are you okay, Dean?” Ace asked with a casual smile.

“Are you going somewhere?” Dean asked noticing that she was carrying her duffel bag.

“Yea, I got another lead on my case. I’m heading up to Massachusetts.” She said simply. She grabbed a couple bottles of water from the fridge and stuck them into her bag.

“When are you leaving?” Dean asked as Ace sat down at the table.

“Hopefully I’m leaving tonight or tomorrow morning.” She answered.

“Oh…um…well could you leave tomorrow? Oh hell…you have plans tonight?” Dean asked her. Her head shot up in shock.

“What’d you have in mind, Winchester?” She asked with a grin.


-The Night-

       Sam and Bobby happily watched Dean and Ace get ready for their “first real date”.  Ace walked out of Sam’s room wearing a denim skirt and a simple black shirt and a grey vest and black boots. Sam gave her thumbs up and Bobby gave an approving nod. She smiled brightly and took her stance behind Sam and slouched onto his broad shoulders to wait for Dean.

-Ten Minutes Later-

       Ace, Bobby, and Sam sat the kitchen table, bored as hell. Finally Dean walked proudly out of his room. He smiled charmingly and reached out for Ace’s hand like a gentleman. Ace giggled silently and took his hand and they left for the date.

      Ace and Dean decided just to have a simple dinner/movie date. They were both sort of nervous. This was Ace’s first real date that might actually go somewhere. This was Dean’s first date since…forever. The pair took the Impala to the local theatre. Being all gentlemen like, Dean bought Ace’s ticket. They chose to see an action/comedy.  Ace got popcorn while Dean pigged out on candy.  They took their seats in the middle of the theatre as the previews began to play. As the actual movie began to make progress, Dean put his arm around Ace.  Ace smiled at his sudden, but expected move. She made herself comfortable under the warmth of his muscle and enjoyed the rest of the movie.

       The couple then decided to get two burgers to finish off their date. Ace had Dean drive them to a small diner where they supposedly had the best burgers in town. Dean ordered a burger with every kind of meat you could think of and Ace just had a normal cheese burger. The two made small talk until their meals came.

"What type of case are you working on?" Dean asked, following a happy moan after taking a bite of his burger.

"Some sort of demon that's been setting fires to houses. It's a demon that goes after children younger than even three months old." Ace said.

"Damn...that sounds like an intense case." Dean commented.

"Yea and I've got first-hand experience." Ace said taking another bite.

"Oh, enlighten me." Dean said with pure curiosity.

"I'm surprised you didn't see this in my file. In all if my foster homes there was a fire set, by god knows what, in the nursery. Each time they thought i set it because after each fire i was the only one to get out without a mark on me and i just ran away." Ace finished with a sigh. She pushed the last bit of her burger to Dean.

"What...the...fuck?" Dean whispered.

"What's the matter?" She asked.

"We need to leave. Now." Dean said dropping his burger on his plate and signaling the waitress for the bill.

-Fifteen Minutes Later-

     All the way home Dean mumbled curse words to himself. Ace was afraid that sudden rage would cause an accident. He was driving as if he'd lost his mind. They quickly pulled up to Bobby's house and Dean was out of the car in seconds. This wasn't Ace's idea of a normal date, but a date gone wrong.

       As soon as Bobby let them into the house Dean headed straight for Sam's laptop. Bobby looked to Ace for an explanation, but she just shrugged her shoulders. Dean came back into the room with Sam trailing furiously behind him. Dean slammed open the computer and typed something furiously into a search engine.

       Sam sat down next to him and a shocked expression sprung up on his face. Dean turned the computer screen in Ace’s direction.  On the screen was a news article that was written years ago about a house fire that killed a mother of two. Ace slumped down in the chair. She read the article and looked back up at the boys.

“This sounds like my case, but this happened years before I even became a hunter.” She explained.

“This is our house, Ace. Our mom died.” Dean said. Ace sat back in her chair and covered her mouth with her hand. She looked at the boys as their minds seemed to drift back in time. Ace reached for Dean’s hand, but he pulled away.

“What was the name of the foster home you stayed in?” Sam asked pulling the computer in front of him.

“Just look up Gibson fire.” She answered. “You should find it.”

       Sam looked up what Ace said and sure enough there were plenty of images and links to the story. He turned the screen and Ace nodded. That was definitely one of the fires. They looked up a few more and each one had the same background, until Sam noticed something.

“Look at this, Dean.” Sam said pointing to a spot on the screen. In the window of burning flames stood a dark figure. Dean’s eyes went wide, he knew what this meant. Yellow Eyes was back.

The End

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