Chapter 3Mature

       The trio sat at the table worried about Ace. No woman would be in the bathroom this long…especially Ace, unless she was fixing her makeup, but she barely wearing any and she still looked amazing to the Sam and Dean. They waited a few more minutes before a scream rang out from the hallway from the bathroom. Dean was out of his seat in seconds and flew down the hallway to see a man, taller than he was pushing Ace against the wall. Dean gave guy a right hook right into the jaw, knocking him off balance. The guy, who stood as tall as Sam swung his elbow into Dean’s ribs. Ace took initiative and drop kicked the guy and he fell to the wooden floor. With the man still on the floor Ace pulled up the bottom part of her dress and pulled out a gun. She pointed it at the man and he instantly backed down. As the guy fled Ace dropped to her knees. Dean dropped down beside Ace. She turned to him and asked if he was ok. She reached out and touched where the guy had hit him. Dean flinched, but said he’d be okay. She smirked and knew he was lying.

“Come on, Dean. Let’s make sure he didn’t break anything.” Ace said. She pulled an unwilling Dean into the bathroom. Dean slipped off his jacket and his shirt. Ace locked the bathroom door in case the man came back. She looked at Dean’s ribs as a bruise was already taking form.

“You’ve got marks on your shoulders, Alyssa.” Dean commented. Ace stood up straight at the sound of her real name. It was nice to hear it. She wasn’t mad at them for looking at her files anymore. She smiled a little. Dean smiled back.

“I’m fine, but you should go to a hospital. You may have broken a rib.” Ace said. Dean poked her shoulder and she flinched just a little. She tapped his chest and he held it there. Ace slowly moved her eyes away from Dean’s chest to his green eyes. His hand moved from her shoulder to her waist and he pulled her a little closer.  As the space between their faces decreased there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Ace…Dean, are the two of you in there?” Sam called from the door. Ace dropped her hand from Dean’s chest. She looked into his green eyes one last time before she unlocked the door and walked past Sam. Sam looked at Dean who was buttoning his shirt up. Sam flashed his bitch face and Dean tried to walk past him casually, but Sam pulled him back and gave him a look. Dean had tried. He really tried, but the emotions were too strong. He finally made his way past Sam and back to the table.

“Where’s Ace?” Dean asked looking around the bar. Ace was nowhere in sight.

“She’s meeting us back at my house.” Bobby answered gulping down the last of his beer. “So let’s not make her wait.”

       Bobby, Dean, and Sam rode back in the Bobby’s truck.  There was an awkward silence in the car, being Sam and Bobby were wondering what was going on in that bathroom. When the trio reached the house they saw Ace leaning on the Impala waiting for them to park and open the front door.

       The group of four walked into the house silently. Not even the floor boards made a noise. Ace threw herself onto the couch and claimed it as her bed for the night. Bobby smiled and insisted she should take one of the rooms. She tried to argue, but before she could say anything Sam offered up his room. Ace unwillingly accepted the offer. Sam tossed her one of his shirts to sleep in and she went to the bathroom to change.

       Bobby looked at the two brothers awkwardly and went to his own room. Dean and Sam glared at each other. Now that they knew that they were in no way related to Ace, it was a battle of wits.  Ace came back out of the bathroom wearing Sam’s shirt, which was oversized compared to her small frame. She’d scrounged up a pair of shorts in her car. She asked Sam again if he was sure she could take the bed. He answered her with an immediate yes and she went to bed. The brothers went their separate ways. Sam took the couch and Dean went to bed.

-Later that night at about 12:30-

       Dean’s eyes ripped open to the sound of someone going through the closet in his room. He reached for the gun under his pillow and quickly aimed it at the shadowy figure.

“It’s just me, Dean.” Ace whispered. Dean sighed and dropped his gun. “Don’t get your panties in a bunch.”

“What’re you looking for? It’s freakin 1 am!” Dean whispered angrily.

“I was looking for another blanket. I tried to wake up Sam, but that giant sleeps like a rock.” She joked. Dean smiled through the dark and took a blanket off his bed and handed it to Ace. She walked over to him and took the blanket from him. She began to back away, but stopped. They both knew what the other wanted to happen. She and Dean both took a few steps forward.

       Before they knew it they were exchanging body heat and were up against the wall with Ace’s legs wrapped around Dean’s waist like a ribbon. Dean’s lips pursed hers shut and opened them again. He brushed her hair back and looked into her hazel eyes and kissed her neck. She sighed in pleasure and moved his face where their lips met again.  Ace pulled his shirt over his head and kissed his neck and down to his chest. Dean carried her over to the bed and collapsed onto the sheets. She turned Dean over onto his back and they kissed again.  Dean flipped her back over and pumped till no end. Let’s just say it was the best they ever had.

-The Next Morning-

       Boxers were strewn across the floor. Sam’s shirt was on the window sill, partially ripped shorts were on the edge of the bed, and underwear was on the floor. Ace opened her eyes to meet the sleepy green gaze of Dean’s eyes. His arms were around her as her head bobbed up and down on his bare chest. Dean’s fingers were brushing against Ace’s goose bumped skin. She smiled as she reminisced the recent two and half hours. Dean smirked as he realized what she was thinking about. Ace kissed his cheek and moved from under his embrace. She grabbed her bra and underwear from the floor and put them on. After she put her shorts on she felt fingers tracing the line of her spine. She turned to a very (obviously) happy Dean. Ace traced his collar bone with the tip of her fingers.

“You just got your world rocked by Dean Winchester.” Dean whispered into Ace’s ear. All she was laugh.

“I guess you threw in a few moves, Winchester. I just thought you’d like to know that you have a nicer ass than Sam.” Ace said. She winked at Dean and pinched his bare ass. “Yea, speaking of your ass, put some underwear on.” Dean shrugged and did what he was told. He put his boxers back on as Ace disappeared quietly and quickly out of his bedroom.

       Ace turned around the corner to see Sam still sleeping soundly on the couch. She tried her hardest to creep past him, but she stepped on a squeaky floor board and Sam bolted upright. She smiled nervously as Sam ruffled his hair. He glanced across the room to see Ace sneaking through the hallway. Ace turned and saw Sam half naked and no shirt to prove it. She tossed Sam a nervous smile and rushed to the kitchen.

       Bobby was already wide awake and drinking his morning coffee. Ace grabbed her own mug and poured coffee. Neither she nor Bobby said a word, so the kitchen silence soon became awkward.

"You could have asked me where the blankets were." Bobby said lightly. Ace shifted uncomfortably. She put down her mug suddenly more interested in what else Bobby had to say.

"What're you talking about, Bobby?" Ace asked nervously, hoping this conversation wasn't leading where she thought it was.

“They were right in that closet.” Bobby said nodding at a door at the end of the hallway. “Never ask Dean about that, he doesn’t know where any shit is in this house except the beer and the food.”

“Sure, Bobby…thanks for the advice.” Ace said pouring out the rest of her coffee in the sink. She took a quick shower to wash the stench of sex off and went back to Sam’s room to get dressed.

The End

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