Chapter 2Mature

       The boys finished up their beer and headed back to Bobby’s house where they spotted an unfamiliar jet black convertible in the driveway. The pair got out of the car and went into the house to hear a Bobby talking to another person. Sam and Dean rounded the corner to the kitchen to see Ace and Bobby having a few beers. She smiled up from her chair to Sam and winked at Dean. They smiled back.

“What brings you boys home so early?” Ace asked with a small smile.

“We got bored in a small town.” Dean joked.

“There are a lot of people in this small town that could show you a good time, Dean.” Ace said with a wink. Sam held back laughs as he felt Dean Blush at Ace’s flirting.  She turned her attention to Bobby. “Thanks for the drink, Bobby. I’ll see you tonight.” She concluded and walked out the door. Dean walked after her and closed the door behind him.

“We know your real name.” Dean yelled after Ace. She turned around and walked back to the porch. She stood a few inches shorter than Dean. They were almost face to face.

“Do you now…then tell me, Dean, what’s my name?” Ace questioned.

Dean gulped. “You’re Alyssa…” He mumbled.

Ace looked shocked. No one had ever guessed her real name. “Well congratulations, big guy, you figured out the big secret.” Ace said sarcastically. She got into her car and drove off down the road. Dean walked back inside and looked at a pair of faces that weren’t too pleased.

“You better hope she’s not your sister, son.” Bobby snickered. Dean grunted and headed for the couch. Sam laughed and continued to drink his beer.

 -That Night around 12:30-

“You go to shooting contests?” Dean asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“It’s the only thing fun to do around here.”  Ace explained. “I’m off guys. Maybe I’ll see you soon.”

“Where’re you going?” Dean asked her.

“I’m meeting someone that knows something about a case I’m working.” She said. She waved goodbye, grabbed her gun and headed out. They heard her engine start up and the screeches of her tires against the pavement. Dean, Sam, and Bobby each headed off to bed.

-Two Days Later (Dean’s Birthday he turns 31 January 24th)-

“Well if it isn’t the birthday boy!” Sam said happily. Dean grunted at the fact that he was another year older.

“Shut up, bitch.” Dean mumbled.

“You’re welcome, jerk.” Sam rebutted.

       Dean grabbed a morning beer to try as if he wanted to drink away his age. Bobby dragged himself into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. He gave Dean a hefty birthday pat on the back and handed him a Benjamin. Dean began to protest, but Bobby was headed towards the door to get the newspaper. Dean looked at Sam and he just shrugged.

“Have you heard from Ace?” Dean asked Sam.

“No, but I got her records from a South Carolina hospital.” Sam said. He went back to his room and came back to the kitchen with a hospital file in hand.

      Sam opened the file and the birth certificate surfaced. Alyssa Borne was born March 3rd, 1976 to Jeremy and Melissa Borne. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a receptionist at a law firm. She was born in South Carolina. Nothing in her background had anything to do with hunting. She lived a life of luxury.

“At least now we know she’s not our sister.” Dean concluded. He was relieved for a whole other reason.

“Check this out, Dean.” Sam said as he pulled out two death certificates. The certificates belonged to her parents.

“She was only fifteen when they were killed.” Dean noted.

“Then she was tossed around from foster home to foster home.” Sam added.

“She ran away from each and every one of them. No adult wants a kid like that.” Dean said. He felt kind of bad for her. She lost both her parents. “Does it say how her parents died?”

“It was a classic rainy road they slid off the guard rail, but officials say that they hit something before they went off.” Sam read off the police report. “It was big enough to make an imprint on the side of the car. The feds found hair, but it wasn’t a match to dear or a bear.”

“So it led her to think otherwise.” Dean concluded. They both sighed. They quickly threw the papers back into the file when they heard a familiar greeting.

“Hello there, boys.” Ace said from the door. She was wearing a simple grey hoodie with slimming black denim jeans. She walked over the threshold with Bobby following in behind her. She spotted the file and reached for it, but Sam quickly pulled it back. She shot a confusing look to the brothers, but eventually gave up. Bobby was still struggling, so he dragged himself back to bed.

       The trio caught up on the last few days. Sam mentioned that it was Dean’s birthday and she wished him happy birthday with a sneaky wink. He flashed her a sexy smirk. Sam shifted uncomfortably and went outside for some air to escape the sexual tension between Ace and Dean.

      Dean excused himself for a short time to go to the bathroom, leaving Ace alone with the file filled with her papers on the table. Out of curiosity she pulled out the first loose file. She had pulled out her father’s death certificate. A tear streaked her cheek. The next paper she pulled was a picture of her parents’ car after the accident. She then decided just to pull the papers out of the file. She looked at her foster home records and the police records. Fury and tears filled her eyes now. Dean turned the kitchen to the corner and saw the papers sprawled out across the table in front of Ace. He stopped in his tracks and gulped. Ace looked up at him tear stains on her cheeks.

“What the hell is this?” She asked the boys with her voice breaking.

“It’s nothing.” Sam said quietly.

“It’s my life on paper, Sam. Why the hell do you have this?” She asked bolting out of the chair. The boys, remembering what their father had said about her temper and her having good fighting skills, took a step away from the kitchen.

“You know John Winchester right?” Dean asked.

“Yea, met him a few times. He’s the bastard that slept with my married mother.” Ace said. Dean and Sam stared at her with disbelief.

“He’s the one that told us to look for you.” Sam argued.

“Why would he tell you to look for me? You know what, I don’t even care.” That was the last thing Ace said before she stormed out the door brushing past Sam. Dean cursed under his breath and groaned.

-That Night at the local bar-

       For Dean’s birthday, Bobby and Sam took him out to get his mind off of anything that was bothering him. The trio took their spots at the bar and ordered shots to start themselves off. They had each gone through five shots when they cut themselves off and got their own table and rested with just a couple beers to keep them satisfied.

   Dean and Sam noticed that Bobby kept his eyes peeled on the entry way to the bar. Bobby nodded, but didn’t say what he was looking for. A few minutes later, Ace walked into the bar wearing a deep purple dress and black heels. Bobby smiled as he watched Sam and Dean’s jaws drop to the floor.  Ace walked over to the table and sat down next to Bobby. Sam and Dean tried to collect themselves. Ace blushed at the attention.

“I was waiting at the house. Do you have any idea how much my feet hurt?” Ace complained.

“You look nice anyway.” Sam said.

“Thanks, Sammy.” She said quietly. Dean looked hurt. It was only him that could call Sam Sammy.

“I’ll be right back, you three.” Ace said and she excused herself from the table. Dean and Sam bent their necks to get a good look as Ace turned her back to go the ladies room.

The End

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