Two Men and a Little LadyMature

On his death bed John Winchester tells Sam and Dean that they might have a sister who goes by "Ace". He leaves it up to them to find and take care of her and it just so happens that she has gone into hunting things that go bump in the night.... and is the best in business. When he brothers finally meet up with Ace, things do not go as planned. Feelings are tested around and limits are pushed past thier breaking point. Join the Winchesters as they search for answers and meet up with an old "frie

-Takes place during season 4 right after John dies. (Dean is 30 and Sam is 26) This is just a regular story in the series, doesn’t follow the television story line-

“Boys…” John whispered after waking up for a split second.

“What is it, Dad?” Dean said as he and Sam scrambled to their father’s bedside.

“There’s something you two should know…” John managed to say between breaths.  Dean and Sam stared at each other with strange and questioning looks as they waited for John to continue. “The three of us have had…our one night stands…” The boys shifted awkwardly and listened for the rest. “Well…I did…and as a result…you two may younger sister.”

      John pointed to his backpack. Sam grabbed the bag and fished around. His hands gripped what felt like a picture and he pulled it out. The picture looked as if it had been taken from a distance. The woman wasn’t posed for it to be taken. John explained that he had to have her tracked down because she didn’t want to be found.

“What’s her name?” Dean asked looking at the picture. “She might be sister?” He finished smirking at the picture. Sam rolled his eyes and looked at his dad for an answer to his previous question.

“All I know is that she goes by Ace. She and I have only crossed paths twice.” John huffed. His heart rate was slowing way down. Sam and Dean gathered around the bed again. “Her latest whereabouts are in Bobby’s area. If you find her take care of her.”

“Anything else we should know?” Sam asked.

“She’s one of the best hunters out there. She could kick your asses in a heartbeat and she’s got Dean’s temper so don’t piss her off.” John joked. The trio managed to smile for a few minutes until John suddenly flat lined and drifted. The boys stood silently next to the bed as a doctor rushed in and took the time of death. Sam and Dean left silently picture in hand. Wherever Ace was, that was where they needed to be.

       The Impala had the sounds of Asia bursting through its car doors. Neither Sam nor Dean said a word. Dean picked up his cell phone and called Bobby. He didn’t answer so Dean left a message saying they were going to pay him a special visit. Bobby was like a father to them so they knew he wouldn’t mind them staying with them.

“I’m guessing we’re gonna look for…”Ace”?” Sam asked staring out the car window onto the highway.

“She’s our sister and she’s a hunter. You don’t think we should look for her?” Dean asked taking a sharp turn on the road

“In the picture dad gave us she looks like she’s around my age.” Sam noted.

“She might be family, Sam. We’re gonna find her.” Dean finished.

“He said she might be our sister, Dean. WE don’t know for sure. She may just be some chick dad come across.” Sam rebutted.

Dean glared, but he knew Sam was right. "Even if she isn’t our sister, dad must’ve had some reason to tell us to look for her." Dean said.

"Then I guess we'll have to make sure for ourselves...and dean?" Sam started. "Don't hit on her because if she really is our sister things could become really awkward." Sam laughed at his dirty joke while Dean just rolled his eyes and turned up the radio.

-Hours Later-

       Sam and Dean arrived at Bobby's place in the late afternoon. It seemed as if Bobby had gotten Dean's message because he was outside on his front porch waiting for them. Sam and Dean each greeted Bobby with a hefty handshake and stepped inside the house. Sam and Dean explained to Bobby their reason for coming down to South Dakota.

“Ace is the best hunter there is!” Bobby exclaimed. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with her a few times.”

“Here’s a picture.” Sam said handing Bobby the picture form John’s backpack.

“This was taken a few months ago. She’s dyed her hair since then.” Bobby said.

“You’ve seen her recently?” Dean asked.

“She’s been in town for the last two weeks. I don’t think she’s working a case. She’s staying in a motel about twenty miles from here.” Bobby said. Bobby gave them the address of a bar where she might be. It was a special bar where hunters usually gather. Dean and Sam took the hint and drove to the hunter’s bar.

       When the boys arrived at the bar it was bursting at the seams with hunters. There were hunters everywhere talking about the latest hunt and swapping stories. They were all reloading guns and laughing at dirty jokes. Dean smiled a small smile as he and Sam walked up to one of the bar tenders. Sam flashed him the picture and the manager pointed to a corner where a slim redhead sat in the corner alone. Sam and Dean looked at the picture and remembered what Bobby had said about her dying her hair. Sam and Dean walked over and hovered over her table. She looked up at them gave a small smile and went back to cleaning her gun.

“Are you Ace?” Sam asked.

“If that’s what you’ve heard then yea I am Ace.” She answered simply. She didn’t look up at them.

“Look babe...” Dean was cut off from a sharp glare from Ace. Dean took a step back a little startled. “I mean Ace, we’re the Winchesters, maybe you’ve heard of us.”

      Ace looked up at Dean and Sam. She skated over them with her eyes and smiled and motioned for them to sit down. Sam and Dean, still a little confused took a seat.

“You two know Bobby Singer?” She asked putting the guns into a duffel bag.

“Yea we know Bobby. How do you know him?” Dean questioned.

“Hell yea. I’ve known Bobby for about two years now. He’s the closest thing to a dad for me.” She answered. Sam and Dean had relaxed a little.

 -Fifteen Minutes Later-

       Ace and the boys were laughing and talking up a storm, until she got a phone call and had to go. She got very private and quickly packed up and left the boys at the table. With the other phone calls she had gotten up until that point she had been very open and joyful, but this call in particular brought her back to be protective of herself.

“I’ll see you boys another day, if I’m still in town. Nice meeting you both.” Ace said before she left. Dean and Sam sat there and decided to go back to Bobby’s for information on “Ace”.

“I’ve got nothing on her, son.” Bobby said to Sam and Dean. “She’s clean.”

“You don’t know anything about her personal life?” Sam questioned again.

“I’ve only known her for two years, boy; she’s not the type of girl to tell her life’s story.” Bobby answered.

“We’ve gotta find out her real name at least. Everyone’s got a past, Bobby.” Dean said

       The boys asked around town, researched hospital birth certificates, but came up empty. They worked all day long to try and find something on Ace. Neither Dean, nor Sam, nor Bobby found any family records or bank records. So they decided to head back to the bar and talk to other hunters.

       The trio walked into the bar and split up to talk to the different hunters. They all said the same thing. Ace was quiet about her past. She’d never mentioned a father, mother, or siblings, not even a boyfriend, but everyone knew she was involved with a fellow hunter, whether she made it known or not. His name was Tom Knowles and he just happened to be in the bar.

       The boys looked around the bar and spotted him talking with a group of other male hunters. Sam and Dean walked over to Tom and asked to talk with him privately. The other hunters picked up their guns and walked away as Tom made himself comfortable.

“Are you Knowles?” Dean asked.

“Depends, who’s asking?” Tom answered sarcastically as he ran his hand through his brown hair.

“Look, all we want to know is if you were involved…romantically, with Ace.” Sam grunted. He didn’t like this guy at all. To him and Dean both, this guy seemed like a dick.

“She still calls herself that? Her real name is Alyssa.” Tom answered as he finished off his beer and signaled for another one.

“How do you know her?” Sam asked.

“We grew up together and yea we slept together few times. She thought it was something I thought it was nothing.” Tom said. A waitress brought over Tom’s second beer and to thank her he smacked her ass. The waitress turned and slapped him right back. All Tom did was smirk and take off the beer cap. Sam rolled his eyes and Dean grunted. “Why do you two even want to know all this?”

“We just do and thanks.” Dean answered angrily. He was tired of this guy already. The pair got up from Tom’s table and got their own. They ordered two beers and thought over the small amount of information that they had.

The End

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