You follow him wherever he takes you...

"Are we gonna get in or what?"

"Yeah, yeah, c'mon," The stranger motioned to you.

"Well, hurry up will you? If you haven't noticed, I'm being chased by a few dozen guys."  You were impatient and becoming frustrated with this guy.

Inside, the room was bare.  The only items were a couple of folding chairs and an empty beer box in the corner.  You couldn't help but think how great a drink would be right now.  You made your way to the middle of the room, towards the light that was barely filtering through a filthy window, and threw yourself onto one of the two chairs.  Your rescuer stayed close to the closed door.

"What is this place?" You asked, as your breathing began to slow to normal again.

The stranger ignored the question completely. "Look, you gotta get out of here and get somewhere far away, man."

"Yeah, I know." It was part of your plan to get far away after you pulled the job but you hadn't expected the other guys to get on your trail so quickly. "But I don't think they saw me come in here; I should be okay for a little while."  You were tired and the pain in your foot was beginning to creep up your calf.

A panicked look came over the stranger's face.  He walked to the middle of the room and moved his face in close to yours, leaning over to make them parallel. "You gotta leave now, man! You gotta leave!"

"Alright! Alright, calm down." The guy was spooked and you had no idea why. "What's the deal, man?"

He was silent for a minute as he walked back towards the door.  With his hand over his forehead in consternation he said,  "The deal is... I was supposed to have killed you already."

The End

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